British Championship 2014 Title Match

After much delay we have finally found some dates when we have (a) two players, (b) a venue and (c) at least one relayer/referee for the title match of the British Go Championship 2014. Apologies for how long it's taken; on the whole, it might count as a shame that we have fairly busy participants this year ...

Should anyone not know and be curious, said busy participants are the incumbent champion Andrew Kay (aka warfreak2 on KGS right) and challenger Alex Kent (aka saraneth on KGS and far right).

Game one will take place in Milton Keynes (specifically at Tim Hunt's flat - many, many thanks to Tim) on Saturday 27th September. It will be relayed by the KGS account BGAAdmin for spectators around the world, and will start at 10am BST.

Anyone who wants to spectate in person should contact Tim by the evening of Friday 26th.

We are looking for two pieces of assistance if anyone can help:

  • A backup referee/relayer, i.e. someone willing to show up and take turns watching the game and playing the moves onto KGS.

  • Someone with a clock who is able to get it to Tim in the next week or someone who'd like to attend, living in Sussex/Surrey/London/Kent to whom I could lend a clock to transport. I have two methods of getting a clock to Tim in train, but one of them is uncertain and the other means adding 90 minutes to a long drive, so if there's another method I'm interested in it!

Tentatively, we believe that game 2 will happen at Tim's flat on the 12th October. We haven't confirmed this, nor a date for the (potential) third game, and I will confirm details as and when we do. But I can at least get to that one so we don't intrinsically need assistance!

Please let me know if you have questions that I've failed to answer!

Kind regards,


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