Having your club games included on the ratings list

At various times there have been people who've asked about changing the rating system (the European Go Database) to have their club games included. Actually, it's always been possible for you to do so, provided you follow a few rules.

The EGD description allows for a Class C event as follows:

Casual or club tournament recognized by EGF member 
Time limit requirements: adjusted time minimum 30 minutes, basic time minimum 25 minutes; 
(Fischer time: basic time 20 mins, adj. time for 120 moves: 30 mins - see remarks)
Weight for inclusion to EGF ratings: 0.50

Adjusted time (TA) is calculated as TA = basic time + time equivalent to 45 (60) moves in standard (Canadian) byoyomi.
Sudden death - implying adjusted time = basic time - is acceptable, provided all other criteria are met.

so all you need to do is ask for one of your internal events, say a Ladder or a one day tournament or a season championship, which uses clocks and has this minimum time limit, to be approved by our Ratings Officer and then submit the results in the approved format. [If you use Godraw to manage the event then this will produce a suitable file.]

Easy, peasy...

I just hope Geoff doesn't get swamped by enquiries (sorry Geoff).

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