Winners of EYGC 2014

European Youth Go Championships

Under-20 1. Lukas Podpera (CZ) 2. Jonas Welticke (DE) 3. Tanguy LeCalve (FR)

Under-16 1. Alexandru-Petre Pitrop (RO) 2. Grigorij Fiorin (RU) 3. Viacheslav Kaymin (RU)

Under-12 1. Oscar Vazquez (ES) 2. Denis Dobranis (RO) 3. Arved Pittner (DE)

See the British Go Congress - EYGC gallery for pictures of the winners

Also winning trophies were:

Under-20: Aleksander Vashurov (RU) for 4/6 in 4th place.

Under-16: Stepan Popov (RU) and Valerii Krushelnytskyi (UA) for 4/6 in 4th/5th place.
Mirta Medak (HR) for 5/5 at 14k.
Viktoria Csizmadia (HU) for 5/6 at 16k.

Under-12: Mikhail Dobricyn (RU) and Jakov Galunov (RU) for 4/6 in 4th/5th place.
Jaroslav Krainov (RU) for 5/6 at 13k.
Ismael Fathallah (FR) for 5/6 at 18k.
Gregor Semmler (DE) for 5/6 at 20k.

Full Results

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