UK Play First Match in Junior European League

European Youth Go Team Championship
Sat, 15 Nov 2014

The UK youth team played Romania on KGS on the afternoon of Saturday 15th November, in the first round of the European Youth Go Team Championship. The team played well against some very strong competition. They were hugely outranked on the first 4 boards, but had an even match on board 5, where Edmund did well to turn his game around from a difficult position into a convincing win by resignation. They lost the other four games, although post game analysis on board 3 revealed a slightly early resignation by our player (Dylan), who had played some excellent middle game moves and actually had the slightly better position.

All in all a good start against one of the strongest teams – the next matches should be easier. The second match is against Italy on 29th November.

Well done to everyone who played.

Alison Bexfield
BGA UK Youth Squad Manager

Romania 4 - 1 UK
Alexandru Pitrop (alpi) (b) vs (w) Melchior Chui (DrBird) 1-0
Silvestru State (silvestru) (w) vs (b) Hasan Nisar (Hasan12) 1-0
Elian Grigoriu (elianovici) (b) vs (w) Dylan Zhu-Dong (chocolatte) 1-0
Denis Dobranis (denis4) (w) vs (b) Oscar Selby (oscar1099) 1-0
Sebastian State (duraseb) (b) U12 (w) Edmund Smith (dnumde) 0-1

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