GoGoD back online!

We're please to be able to report that GoGoD is now back online, after a period of down-time, but at a different location:

After spending so many years on the GoGoD database, T Mark Hall was naturally keen that his legacy should endure. He therefore asked John Fairbairn (in photo right) to try to keep the project going, at least until the original target of 100,000 games was reached (it currently has 79,000 games).

To match even a fraction of the work Mark did is a daunting task, but he did leave a large reserve of games for processing, and so John has decided to re-light the flame, but with considerable changes to ease the workload.

The most important are:

  • GoGoD moves from standing for Games of Go on Disc to Games of Go on Download. CDs are no longer available.
  • It has a new site: www.gogodonline.co.uk
  • The only item being offered now is the database of sgf games. The Encyclopaedia (including the Names Dictionary) has been removed from the download package. Users will need to provide their own support programs (e.g. Kombilo or Drago, which are free).
  • The price has been drastically reduced to under £10.

The database is and will be incorporated in various SmartGo products, in this case along with the Names Dictionary. There the games are heavily compressed and so are not usable by other programs, but of course you do get all the other SmartGo features.

In that connection you may wish to note that Mark’s work continues to be used as part of the various "From the GoGoD Archives" book projects with SmartGo and Slate & Shell.

Last updated Sat Oct 14 2017. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.