Nihon Ki-in and the Sasakawa Foundation invite young British Go players to Japan

The Nihon Ki-in, in association with the Sasakawa Foundation, would like to invite THREE students under the age of 24, who are promising players in British Go, to visit Japan in October for some extensive Go studying and have sent us the following invitation:


1) Air ticket
We will provide up to JPY 120,000 per student for the air ticket.
Students will arrange their flights and give us a copy of the ticket receipts. Upon our receipt of these receipts in Tokyo, we will provide grant assistance up to JPY 120,000 per student.

2) Accommodation
We will provide them with accommodation during their stay in Japan from 2nd to 13th October. They will stay at our designated accommodation in Tokyo, this might include sharing a triple-bed room.

3) Transportation
We will cover their transportation costs associated with our programs in Japan during their stay in Japan from 2nd to 13th October.

4) Food/Drink
The three students will be responsible for all expenses for their meals and drinks during their stay in Japan. (They may be provided with or invited to lunch or dinner on some of these days.)

5) Accompanying Person
If a student under the age of 18 is selected, an adult person will be required to accompany him or her. The accompanying person will bear the expense of his/her air ticket to Tokyo and we will provide them with accommodation during their stay in Japan from 2nd to 13th October.


  • Age limit: Under 24
  • Strength: Stronger than 8 kyu, according to the British Go Association rating list. At least one dan player is required.
  • Nationality: British


  • Arrival Date: 2nd October 2014
  • Departure Date: 13th October 2014
  • 3rd October: Commemoration Ceremony for the 90th anniversary of the Nihon Ki-in
  • 12th October: Hiratsuka Igo Festival (1,000 simuls by about over 50 Kitani students and famous pros)
  • One: One of the three may play against a professional in a handicap game for the TV program of the Igo-Shogi Channel.
  • Teaching games with pro(s) will be arranged.
  • Tour of the Nihon Ki-in
  • Visit historical Go locations and also sightseeing around Tokyo
  • Visit a Japanese University and its go club
  • and more....

If you are interested then please contact Toby Manning or me, since Toby's at the European Go Congress in Romania currently, as soon as possible.

We have to provided names to the Nihon Ki-in by 20th August at the latest.

Apologies for the short notice, but the funding has only been confirmed in the last few days.

Summer Go School

The Nihon Ki-in has also thanked us for our publicising their Summer Go School. There are 7 British participants this year, one third of the total!

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