Nihon Kiin Summer School

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Nihon Ki-in and they will hold the Summer Go School from 26th August 2014!

Major New Features 2014: - You will play at Japan’s most popular amateur tournament called ‘Takara Shuzou Cup’ at which over 1000 people play! All participants will be given fantastic prize by the sponsor.

  • You will visit Kamakura city where the 10th game was played by Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru. (Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination. Kamakura offers numerous historical monuments and Kamakura's sand beaches attract large crowds during summer)

  • You will visit the most famous and traditional Goban shop in Tokyo. You can see more than US$100,000 expensive go boards and a very old goban from 16th century!

Special Offer! :
If you register before 30th April 2014, you will get 10% discount of the fee!

It is also possible that financial support will be available from the legacy of T Mark Hall.

More details available from Toby Manning

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