Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Tournament

Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play
Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire
8 November 2014

This is a new style Go tournament, being held on 8th November, which aims to provide you with the chance to play a variety of opponents on even games over the course of one day. The format is designed to be attractive to double digit kyu players and to junior players in particular.

The tournament will be split into a number of sections (using British Go Association grades). The sections will each include six rounds in a Swiss draw system, with all games even and 30 minutes sudden death time limits. (This makes it a Class C tournament for grading purposes).

All ages and abilities are welcome. If this is your first ever tournament, then play in the Novice section (20 kyu and under) unless you have had some success in games against rated players. Juniors are encouraged to play within the junior sections although some exceptions may be made for the strongest juniors with an established grade.

Please enter early if you are intending to play. The entry deadline is 5th November. Entries after this date may not be accepted (the venue has a maximum capacity in terms of tables).

See our Calendar for more details.

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