Japanese Professionals to visit Oxford on Thursday 27th February

As we have already announced we are pleased to receive two professionals from the Nihon Ki-in to the UK, with the assistance of the The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

They will be visiting Oxford and Bognor Regis. Chizu Kobayashi will then go on to visit London and Edinburgh.

The Professionals

Kobayashi Chizu (小林 千寿), 5 dan, born 28th September 1954 in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. She is the sister of several professionals and was a student of the very famous Minoru Kitani and became 1 dan in 1972, 2 dan in 1973, 3 dan in 1974, 4 dan in 1976 and 5 dan in 1978. She has won several Womens' Professional tournaments (Women's Championship three times and Women's Kakusei Title 1989 & 1993), winning more than 300 games in total. She has attended the European Go Congress eight times.

Recently, she has been resident in Europe for a number of years including Berlin, Vienna and Paris. She sponsored and taught many of the western inseis in the Nihon Ki-in. During most of 2007 she was 'cultural ambassador' in Vienna. She returned to Japan in 2010 and became International Director for the Nihon Ki-in. She visits Oxford several times a year as her daughter is an under-graduate at the University.

Minematsu Masaki (峯松 正樹), 6 dan,born 2nd September 1963 in Hiroshima Prefecture. He was a student of Yoichi Yoshida and became 1 dan in 1981, 2 dan in 1982, 3 dan in 1984, 4 dan in 1989, 5 dan in 1994, 6 dan in 1997. He came to England after the European Go Congress in 1987 and has been visiting Singapore with Kobayashi Chizu recently.

Oxford, Thursday 27th February 7:30pm


7.15 - 7.30 Arrival

7.30 Talk/Presentation

8.15: Simultaneous games start

10:30 Finish

There is an entry fee of a nominal £1 to cover the cost of tea and coffee. There is no additional charge for players who play in the simultaneous games, but a donation is suggested to help cover the cost of room hire.

Pre-registration is NOT required, but please contact Harry Fearnley if you're planning to attend, so that we organise sufficient sets etc.

The location is Lecture Room 3, First Floor, Thom Building, Dept. Engineering Science, Parks Road OX1 3PJ

Entering the venue: start from the Banbury Road side, go up the metal stairway (see Google Maps, Streetview) to the first floor, turn right, and through the glass doors.

Getting to venue by car: Coming from the North down Banbury Road, turn left onto Parks Road (before you reach the Department!). After 200 metres, turn right onto Keble Road (back towards Banbury Road) -- pay-at-meter parking is available. Then walk back approx 100 metres northwards up Banbury Road to the venue.

Reserved Parking for Disabled: if you are disabled, contact the organiser ASAP. It should be possible to get a parking space immediately adjacent to the venue. Furthermore, wheelchair access is possible via the ground floor, and using the lift.

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