David Lee Wins a Quaich at the Scottish

Scottish Open
Gilchrist Postgraduate Club, Glasgow
24 May 2014 - 25 May 2014

In advance of the Commonwealth Games, a total of 25 players came to Glasgow for the 2014 Scottish Open, the same number as the previous year.

This year’s Scottish Open champion was David Lee (3d Dundee) on a perfect 6 wins. Bob Scantlebury (8k Sheffield) claimed 5 wins, and 4 wins were recorded by Joseff Thomas (10k Glasgow), Carel Goodheir (9k Skye) and runner-up Francis Roads (1d Wanstead).

A big difference this year was the generous sponsorship from the local branch of the Confucius Institute, which meant that fourteen players (all those on 3 wins or above) were able to select a book from the BGA bookstall. In addition, the champion received a pewter quaich (a Scottish drinking cup) and everyone received a bottle (mostly Skye Go beer) or chocolates.


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