Another win, this time against the Bulgarians

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
11 March 2014

Des Cann on the Top Board said "I formed a heavy group in the opening. However, I had to let it go and used some of the aji to build influence. I did well later and came back into the game, close going into the yose.

Then I formed another heavy little group of stones and dropped behind. However, worry about my first sacrificed group when in overtime led my opponent to slip up and suddenly my second heavy group of stones cut off some of his stones and he resigned."

Board 2 Alex Kent commented "A Nirensei fuseki occurred in my game and it ended up being a battle of large territories. The game was progressing fairly evenly until my opponent made a mistake which gave me a strong shape, making my moyo a lot stronger.

I carried the advantage into the endgame and was around 20 points ahead when my opponent took some bait and died horribly :)"

Our captain Chris Bryant, who was playing bottom board said "I thought I was doing well, got a really good result in one corner, but then played a move that was probably too slow, and his moyo got too large. I invaded and lived nicely but he still had too much and I couldn't recover, so lost.

On Board Points, looking at the Swiss remaining matches, I think we are unlikely to catch them (we're 2 Board Points behind). So we won't achieve second place and possible promotion, which is a shame - drawing against Ireland was pretty much the crucial "oops". This season was much better than last though, and there are still three games to play, all of which I strongly hope and think we can win :) ."

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