UK Starts New Season at Top of C League

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 30 Sep 2014

Our first match in the new season of the C League was against Greece, one of the newest Go countries in Europe. We won it 3-1, to end the day at the top of the league alongside Bulgaria and just above Lithuania, who both also won 3-1.

  1. Des Cann (B) beat Konstantinos Michailidis (Crates, 1k) by 32.5 sgf
  2. Paul Taylor (W) beat Dimitrios Satkas (notevenbad, 5 kyu) by resignation sgf
  3. Toby Manning (B) beat Harris Lambrakis (Drugon, 5 kyu ) by resignation sgf
  4. Jonathan Gallimore (W) lost to Dionisios Sema (Mathsnails, 7 kyu) by 41.5 sgf

Our League Page for 2014-2015 with sgf links

Update: Croatia - Kazakhstan ended a day late as a 4-0, pushing UK down to equal second.

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