New Tournament Registration System

Thanks to John Collins we now have a new system to handle online Registration for our Tournaments. This does not handle any payments, but allows anyone to enter a tournament using a simple online form, provide an ICS calendar entry and also look at the list of publicly available entrants.

This system is available as a free service to any Tournament Organiser who is a BGA member.

It provides a number of options for specifying different classes of entrants, early booking discounts etc. and provides the organiser with the full list of entrants as well as a file suitable for direct import into Godraw to potentially make the draw for the first round of the tournament. Tournaments can be created from scratch, by cloning another one, e.g. from a previous year, or from our existing list of tournaments.

If you're interested in using the system please ask the webmaster for a Drupal account on our website with the appropriate privilege.

A list of tournaments that are already available for booking is at

Please report any errors, or indeed any other feedback, to the webmaster.

Last updated Fri Oct 13 2017. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.