BGA sets up a Youth Squad

Following on from the success of the European Youth Go Championship 2014 held in the UK, the British Go Association is forming a youth squad which is aiming to send a UK national team to the 2015 youth championships to be held in the Netherlands.

The Leader of the Youth Squad will be Alison Bexfield, 2 dan.

The youth squad is for any junior who will be under 16 on 31 August 2014 and who has progressed past the beginner stage (40 kyu -31 kyu) to reach at least novice stage (30 kyu and stronger). We will be running coaching events and encouraging participation at youth tournaments in the UK to develop the playing ability of squad members in a fun environment.

To reach the standard required to play for the UK in the European championships players will need to reach a minimum of 20 kyu or stronger for those aged up to 16. We will recommend which players we believe have made this standard in advance of the event.

We also intend to run coaching sessions alongside the youth squad coaching for those still at the beginner stage, but who aspire to join the youth squad. If you know anyone who would be interested in this please let us know.

Key dates for the year ahead are expected to include:

  • Squad development day Spring 2014 (5 May, Bank holiday, is under consideration). Morning of coaching activity. Afternoon junior tournament
  • British Youth championships Sunday 19 May Birmingham. Junior tournament
  • UK Go Challenge finals Saturday 21 June Cambridge. Junior tournament
  • Squad development day Summer 2014 TBC Morning of coaching activity Afternoon junior tournament
  • Squad development day Autumn 2014 TBC (half term?) Morning of coaching activity Afternoon junior tournament
  • Squad development day February 2015 TBC (half term?) Tournament practice with coaching between games for those in national team *European Youth Go Championships (Netherlands) 12-15 March 2015 National team participation.

Please let Alison know if you wish to join the mailing list for the UK junior youth go squad. In doing so, it would help if you could provide name, address, date of birth and go history (how long playing and approximately what strength, if known).

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