Another German Winner for Bar-Low

3 May 2015

Following on from Chris Volk winning it last year, the winner this year was German 3 kyu Tobias Ungerer from Cambridge University, who won 4 out of 5 games. His only loss was to Bogdan Ghica who came second on tie break from Richard Mullens and James Murray.

The tournament was generously sponsored by an anonymous benefactor who wishes to support the Bar-Low as a great way to encourage and benefit developing players and so the winner went home with a prize of £30. The second biggest prize was awarded to young Alex Terry (10k), who also won 4. Bob Dryden had estimated his grade at 10k, but won all his games and generously declined a cash prize. 7 other players won cash prizes, and everyone took home some chocolate.

As often in the past, the event was held at the Junior Parlour in Whewell's Court, Trinity Street, right opposite the main gateway to Trinity College; players could gaze at it through the window, and think of the Candidates' Tournament on else where in Cambridge, to gain inspiration.


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