Isle of Man Go Festival is Over

Isle of Man Go Festival
Port Erin
23 August 2015 - 28 August 2015

The Isle of Man Go Festival has ended for the last time. This edition was the 12th since the event started in 1991, but with the recent sad death of founder Leo Phillips it has been decided this will be the last.

Again the players assembled at the Cherry Orchard in Port Erin, including several families and players from as far away as Sweden and Japan. There were events daytime and evening on most days, including a music evening, and also the chance to explore the island in between. Players competed in the events for unique wooden trophies (illustrated right).

37 players took part in the Main Tournament played over five mornings. Piers Shepperson (4d Epsom) won all his games to take the title for the fourth time. Sandy Taylor (2d Bristol) won four to come second. Roella Smith (12k Cambridge) won all her five games and her brother Edmund Smith (11k) won four. Edward Blockley (5k Worcester) and Richard Wheeldon (4k South London) also won four. Results

The Afternoon Tournament was played as usual over the first three afternoons and had 24 players. Richard Hunter (2d Bristol) won all three games to take the first place and again Sandy Taylor was second. Ingrid Jendrzejewski (10k Cambridge), Edmund Smith and Roella Smith won all three games. Results

The Handicap Tournament on the last two afternoons was dominated by the youngsters and topping the list of 19 names was Roella Smith who again won all five games. Edmund again did well with four wins; Jil Segerman (9k Arundel) and Ingrid Jendrzejewski also won four. Results

The Lightning Final was played between Edmund Smith and Charlotte Bexfield with Edmund winning. The Rengo (Doubles) final was won by Oscar Selby and his mother Natasha Regan, beating Charlotte Bexfield and Roella Smith. Ingrid Jendrzejewski won the 13x13. The sandcastle competition was won by Leo's Castle, constructed by Constance, Margot, Matthew and Rosalind Selby, Adrienne and Richard Regan and Ingrid Jendrzejewski.

In the children's event Steve Jones (1k) played simultaneous handicap games against all the entrants (Oscar Selby 7k, Charlotte Bexfield 10k, Edmund Smith 11k, Roella Smith 12k, Kelda Smith 17k and Constance Selby 35k) and lost all 6 games.

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