AlphaGo makes it two in a row!

10 March 2016

In the Google DeepMind Challenge Match, being held in Seoul from 9th-15th March, Lee Sedol lost the second game in the match, having been outclassed in some middle-game play in the centre.

Lee (playing White) was in his final period of byo-yomi after the two-hour main time, whereas AlphaGo (Black) was in its first.

The final score was a few points in Black's favour, so Lee resigned, as in the first game.

Comments from the Press Conference:

Lee Sedol: "Yesterday I was surprised by AlphaGo’s play, but today I’m quite speechless. At no time did I feel that I was leading, and I thought that AlphaGo played a near-perfect game." When asked what were AlphaGo’s weaknesses “Obviously I haven’t managed to find them out…” and when asked about his prediction for the third game said “It’s not going to be all that easy for me, but I’m going to exert my best efforts to win at least one game.. I’ll have to focus quite hard on the beginning of the game.”

Demis Hassabis: “The team weren’t that confident towards the end of the game as the professional commentators kept changing their minds about who was winning, but AlphaGo’s estimate was increasingly confident that it was winning in the second half of the game."

Michael Redmond (9 dan): "In today’s game AlphaGo made some innovative and dangerous looking moves, but managed to make them work. I thought it played a beautiful game.”

Further congratulations to the DeepMind team (picture from the first game).

Some more detailed commentary and pictures were available on the GoGameGuru website.

Live streaming of the event will continue again on Saturday12th March at 4am GMT.

Detailed game records and updates about the match can be seen here.

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