Hongyi Chen Wins Scottish Open

Scottish Open
28 May 2016 - 29 May 2016

The Scottish Open remained in Glasgow for a fourth year, at the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club. It was again sponsored by the local Confucius Institute.

Hongyi (Henry) Chen (2d Glasgow) won all 6 of his games to top the list of 21 players, winning the trophy and bottle of Talisker. Closest to matching this perfect score was 13-year-old Josh Gorman (13k Glasgow), who came up short at the last to finish on 5 wins.

On 4 wins were the runner-up, Toby Manning (1d Leicester), plus Rob Payne (6k Edinburgh), David Storkey (7k Exeter) and Colin Maclennan (9k Twickenham). These players, plus the seven on 3 wins, were each able to choose two prizes, leaving everyone else with one.

As well as Monkey Jump ale (courtesy of the Skye Go Club), wine and nibbles; Oriental books (“Master of Go”, “Art of War”, “Tao te Ching”) turned out to be popular prizes.


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