UK Team Wins First Match of New Season

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 20 Sep 2016

We were drawn against Belgium in our first match of the new season of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship B League. We won the match 3-1.

Chris Bryant said: My game went pretty smoothly - played unorthodox fuseki to make my opponent uncomfortable and built up a massive centre. Made a couple of silly reading mistakes but kept enough to win by 1.5.

Des Cann wrote: Not happy with my game. Played a bit vague in the early middle game and soon found myself forced to defend where I was attacking. Never recovered.

Daniel Hu wrote: My opponent played some solid joseki. I didn’t bother to invade. Then a few more of that most basic 4-4 joseki. He entered my side, but I just made good shape and didn’t bother to attack, and he built up his side. I was behind before the endgame, which already started at move 89, but he let me get the largest move (115) and I repeatedly gained those 1-2 points as he got into byo-yomi early. I won by 4.5 and still had 5 minutes left. Phew! I need to fight more in the opening.

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: The opening in my game was pretty strange as my opponent played a fairly extreme centre oriented strategy. I tried to play as normal as possible while countering his plans for a large centre. I traded a ko in my corner to cut off some of his stones and gain some influence towards the right side. I was then able to attack him a bit and gained a pretty large territory there. After that I still had two unsettled groups but he didn't manage to attack either of them successfully and I was comfortably ahead.

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