UK Win Again

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 13 Dec 2016

The UK team beat Sweden 3-1 despite them playing a reserve on board 3 who was out of team order, which delayed the announcement of the official result.

Daniel Hu wrote: Happy to win, especially against Sweden. I made a moyo despite not liking them, but white just took too much territory. My opponent, Weiying Sorin, did a weird invasion early on and I think I punished it reasonably as it had to live quite small. Next, I protected for a huge corner, but my opponent making two one-space jumps into the centre was bigger than expected in this sort of moyo game. Still, I made good side territory, and simplified the game towards my preferred territory style. I played a somewhat doubtful double hane in the centre to solidify more side territory, but my opponent ridiculously tenukied aiming to reduce 8 points in sente in my big corner. That seemed much smaller than the centre control, and she didn’t even dare to take those 8 points. From then I was quite confident. I made a couple of small blunders, but counted a victory of about 5 points towards the end. She resigned when her last ditch attack meant I captured another 4 points in the centre

Jamie Taylor won against Charlie Akerblom: Well I played a big moyo but I don't think I really knew what I was doing with it so it was looking like it might go bad, but then my opponent played the 1-1 point and disappeared without leaving the game, so I got a slightly dubious win on time.

Toby Manning wrote: Sorry, not a very impressive performance. After my opponent did not turn up and I agreed to play a substitute, Bosti Weidemyr. I screwed up a joseki early on, got a bit of thickness as compensation, tried to use it for attacking, but to no avail...I was just outclassed, I think. And when I blundered in the middle and lost a group of 14 stones, it was game over.

Chris Bryant wrote about his game against Micael Svensson: My game was very close, won by 2.5 because thankfully he had to fill in a few liberties to capture one of my groups near the end. Was a really fun game, interesting opening where I initially had the lower right, he initially had the upper right, and we ended up half-playing a couple of sequences and tenukiing each other's moves a few times, ending up essentially trading the lower right for the upper right in a fashion. I built up the centre area quite nicely since he had a fair few low stones I could use to gain influence in sente, but then he lived in my centre, oops. He tried to do some magic against my upper right corner but thankfully read it right and got a good enough result there. He played a move that was a bit of an overplay just after this and I managed to cut off a few stones and traded a decent number of points at the bottom for a bit-more-than-decent number of points on the left. Then we ended up having a pretty big ko, more bits and pieces of trading in the endgame... whew, that was hard work.

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