Jitka Bartova wins in a sunny Cambridge

12 March 2016

A total of 54 players turned up at the Cambridge University Social Club for the Trigantius Tournament on a good spring day. The main tournament was won by Jitka Bartova (3d) narrowly beating in the last round her friend Ngoc-Trang Cao (3d), both from the Leamington stable. Bruno Poltronieri (3d Cambridge) gained third place on SOS from Andrew Simons (4d Cambridge).

Apart from the winner, prizes were awarded for those on 3 wins: Jonathan Green (5k Leamington), David Crabtree (7k Manchester), Edmund Smith (8k Milton School). They also awarded encouragement prizes: best 1k Alan Thornton (St Albans), best 9k Richard Scholefield (Milton Keynes) and best 16k Wenzhou Mei (Milton School).


Puzzle Prizes were sponsored by Threedy 3d Printers. South Korean TV interviewed Andrew Simons and Matt Reid including some discussion centred on the Lee Sedol/AlphaGo matches.

Paul Smith also ran a novices' event alongside, won by James Salmon (35k), and there was a 13x13 side tournament which was won by Wenzhou Mei (16k).

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