Some new UK Juniors in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship

European Youth Go Team Championship
Venue: in the Euro Youth teams room
Sat, 24 Nov 2018 - Sat, 16 Feb 2019

Alison Bexfield, UK Youth Team Captain, writes:

I am pleased to announce this year's UK Youth Team for the European Youth Go Team Championship 2018/19 (EYGTC). This is held online over four rounds on KGS.

The standard in the UK team has increased every year, with this year no exception. I put together a talented UK Team Squad with up to 15 Juniors, and then I select a team of 5 for each match, from three age groups. Each match is played over five boards - one U20, two U16 and two U12.

Traditionally we have done quite well in the U12 age groups, but less so at the top end, where often board 1 is a mid-rank dan player. But each year, as our players become stronger, and maybe move up through the age groups, our team is strengthening.

This year we welcome two new members to the team - Daniel Yang and Yanyi Xiong:

U20 players: Yueran Wang 2 dan, Tom Bradbury 3 kyu.

U16 players: Edmund Smith 3 kyu, Josh Gorman 4 kyu, Oscar Selby 5 kyu, Alexander Hsieh 9 kyu.

U12 players: Daniel Yang 1 dan, George Han 3 kyu, Jianzhou Mei 15 kyu, Zoe Walters 17 kyu, Yanyi Xiong 17 kyu.

Additionally, Bill Shen - 1-dan - is an associate member of the squad. (U16 age group).

The experience of our team-members has been strengthened in most cases through their attending BGA Tournaments.

The progress for each UK Team player is evidenced on the European Go Database (EGD), e.g. Tom Bradbury's.

We all wish our players the usual enjoyable experience, improvement ... and of course fun!

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