UK Youth team to play Czechia

European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC)
Venue: in room "Tournaments" > "Euro Youth Team".
Sat, 16 - Sun, 17 Feb 2019

Alison Bexfield, Team Captain, has selected players for the UK Youth Go team playing - mostly on Saturday - versus Czechia.
This is our 4th and final match in the 2018/19 European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC) and, against the 3 countries we've played so far, we are 2-1 up.

The two teams' captains have done really well, and managed to line up players with exactly the same paper grade as each opponent, save for a 2-grade advantage to the UK on board 1.

The board line-ups for the match are:

Board 1: Daniel Yang (Chunyang18) 1d (b) U20 -versus- Anežka Bukovská (Anezka) 2k (w) U20

Board 2: Edmund Smith (dnumde) 3k (w) U16 -versus- Robin Popov (Ropo1510) 3k (b) U16

Board 3: Alexander Hsieh (Choccoockie) 9k (b) U16 -versus- Rostislav Litovkin (RotislavL) 9k (w) U16

Board 4: Yanyi Xiong (Yanyi) 15k (w) U12 -versus- Ladislav Kořan jr. (Ladik) 15k (b) U12

Board 5:Jianzhou Mei (Jianzhou) 15k (b) U12 -versus- Kvído Kadeřávek (kadek) 15k(w) U12

Boards 1-4 commence play at 2pm on Saturday, and we have agreed to our opponents' request to play board 5 one day later. All games take place on the KGS server.

As ever, we wish all the youngsters an interesting and educational match. We will produce a match summary on BritGo, once results are known.

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