UK Youth Team completes their 2018/19 season

European Youth Go Team Championship (EYGTC)
Venue: in room "Tournaments" > "Euro Youth Team".
Sat, 24 Nov 2018 - Sun, 17 Feb 2019

Team Captain Alison Bexfield, and all her squad of 12 players in the UK Youth Go team, can look back on this 2018/19 season with satisfaction, as we finished comfortably mid table, out of the 12 teams. Whilst we lost narrowly (2-3) to Czechia, in the final fixture last weekend, it was an exciting match, and each margin was between one and a dozen points.

If one is superstitious, one might argue that we were "off colour" in the final match - playing 3 boards with the "wrong colour". That's because the match saw White winning on all 5 boards! It was always destined to be a fine margin either way with players, on paper, exactly evenly matched on 4 boards. But we congratulate Czechia on their win, and well done esp. to Edmund and Yanyi. We hope all our players still can gain from the good experience, esp. when they get a stronger player to review the moves, via the KGS .sgf records.

The updated final league table reflects our team's two wins, balanced with a brace of defeats.

Alison has tried to give all the squad games, and done a fine job. She has picked players of the closest grade, aiming to make each board and match close, exciting and educational. This benefits both our own players and our opponents, and surely suits the spirit of the competition.

We thank all our playing squad for their support throughout this season, and hope most will still be eligible for their age groups next season.

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