UK Draw with Turkey Avoids Relegation

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 7 May 2019

In the last match of the season, our team had trouble against a lower-graded team from Turkey. They lost board one and two to draw the match. However the match point scored kept the team above the relegation zone and their final position in the B-League was 7th.

Andrew Simons wrote: Annoying loss for me against Hakki Burak Güner. The opening and early middle game went well. However the h4 “timesuji” blunder should have been at r13. He ignored this and attacked well; I helped him kill me. Then I messed up some more.

Alex Kent wrote: I lost by resignation to Ugur Arikan. My game was a bit disappointing - credit to my opponent as he didn't seem to make any real mistakes! The opening contained three 3-3 joseki (I made a large shimari in the fourth corner) and it seemed pretty balanced. I experimented a bit in the lower-left and destroyed the side rather than taking the corner. I don't think I got a bad result there. Things got rather messy in the middle game and I definitely started drifting behind, though it's hard to put my finger on exact moments. I missed the opportunity to defend the lower-right in sente (by playing a peep) and that may have been the decisive error - when my opponent invaded there I lacked the ammunition to deal with it and ultimately died (I didn't even get the ko I felt I deserved). I initiated a do-or-die fight in the upper-left, but it didn't work out.

Sandy Taylor wrote: I won by resignation against Köse Ege. I thought some of my moves might be a bit slack, but my opponent also made some clear mistakes, culminating in a fight that should have been fine for me, but turned out great when he died on a large scale. For the rest of the game my opponent was able to make some very large territories, but not enough to make up for the loss.

Jamie Taylor wrote: I got what should really have been an easy win, but made it a bit more difficult than it needed to be. My opponent, Balci Alper, played a very bad move in the opening allowing me to get a big lead, which I then squandered by playing a lot of quite lazy moves because I felt I could afford to. I think it was reasonably even, going into the endgame, maybe with me a bit ahead. However we got into a massive fight, which I'm pretty sure we both played terribly. I won it though thanks to Balci playing the last really bad move and I won by 18.5 points after that.

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