Zhang Chao Lectures after T Mark Hall Rapid

T Mark Hall Rapid
Sat, 7 Sep 2019

On 7th September 2019 the second T Mark Hall Rapid Play Tournament was held at the London Go Centre. There were 22 entries ranging from 5 dan to 25 kyu, including several youngsters. The winner, with a clean sweep, was first time entrant Zhang Zhiqing (5d China). Second place went to another first timer, Gene Wong (3d), a youngster from Hong Kong. Third was Alistair Wall (1d). The battle below the bar was won by three 2 kyu players, Quentin Rendu, Richard Wheeldon and Paul Smith. Pierre Oliviere was the best-placed DDK and he also kindly brought along some of the youngsters. A special "fighting spirit" prize was awarded to another first timer - Ellis Martin (20k) from Sir John Lawes School - who hung in there despite having no success. Results

The evening concluded with another first, a lecture on "weaknesses in shape" by Zhang Chao, 6D, which will be appearing on the London Go Centre YouTube Channel. Zhang Chao promises this is the start of many; future lecture dates will appear on the home page of the London Go Centre and the London Go Club.

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