China Wins WAGC

World Amateur
Sun, 2 - Wed, 5 Jun 2019

Wang Chen of China won the 40th World Amateur Championship in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Second, with just a loss to the winner, was Lee Jaesung of Korea. The group on six wins was: Hong Kong, USA, Pal Balogh of Hungary, Canada and Dmytro Bogatskyy of Ukraine. The other places went to the best on five: Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.

The UK Rep, Andrew Kay, was 27th out of 59 with four wins. With three wins on the first two days, day three didn't go so well with losses to Pal Balogh of Hungary and Timotej Suc of Slovenia. On the final day he lost to Jan Simara of Czechia, but beat Ioan Grigoriu of Romania.

Noel Mitchell for Ireland also won four in 36th place. On the last two days he had wins against Bulgaria, Austria and Guatemala, but lost to Slovakia.

Also there was London player Jesse Savo, representing Finland; Jesse also won four and was 28th.

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