Team Loses to Switzerland

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 14 Jan 2020

In the fifth match of the season, our team lost against Switzerland, dropping to sixth position in the B-League.

Andrew Simons wrote: I won my marathon game against Fabien Lips by resignation. It started with a fight from a modern double approach joseki, which got even more complicated when I thought my centre group was strong enough to make an attacking invasion to split his left side and corner. I made a little barely alive group in the gap which unsettled his and we jumped out with several one point jumps, which when he made a territorial move on the top I aimed to wedge and kill his group. He did spot that, but I got a big local profit in exchange. He surprised me by defending on the top, so I tried to surround and kill his group again; he made some not-living exchanges on the side which I answered wrongly, because it meant I couldn't kill his L group later, and he wriggled out of my bad aji net. But I attacked his other weak group and managed to sort of kill it. When he approached my top right I tenukied to play a sente move on his L group (which wasn't a kill due to earlier mistake), which help patch up the centre kill; he resisted to double-approach my corner and I went into emergency don't-die mode. As I went into byoyomi the game went a bit crazy with lots of tenukis and me attacking his weaknesses whilst I was wondering if I could sneakily kill his huge dragon as we played a big endgame ko, I let him resurrect his dead group to win the ko, but he didn't live cleanly and allowed another ko which I lost. Maybe I could have killed the dragon, but I counted I was ahead if I took the last huge endgame so went for that; then he actually ended up saving half the group that endgame was supposed to kill, but I was still plenty ahead and he resigned in late endgame.

Alex Kent wrote: I lost this game to Armel-David Wolff. I played a pretty dodgy opening where I suffered from a bit of confusion over big points against urgent points and this lead to a very dodgy middle game. Later on there was a glimmer of hope as I managed to kill some of his invading stones (this really shouldn't have happened), but this was soon dashed as I started haemorrhaging points in the endgame. One highlight was a point where I had two groups which were alive in ko, and hence one which was absolutely alive.

Sandy Taylor wrote: I played fairly badly and unfortunately this led to a loss against Sylvain Praz.

Des Cann wrote: I also lost, to Flavien Aubelle, in an interesting game up to a point, but too tactical for me. I had some thickness, but never found a real way to attack. Eventually my wall got three eyes because I missed he could cut with atari at D12. There was no coming back after that. I'll have to ask an AI what my earlier blunders were, because at this point I'm not sure.

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