British Championship 2021

The following message from Matt Marsh, Tournaments Co-ordinator:

As some people will already have picked up from recent announcements about this year's British Go Congress[1], we have decided that (for this year only) we will be holding a somewhat slimmed-down British Championship.

• The results of the British Open (held at the British Go Congress) will be used to select the top two players who meet the eligibility criteria for the British Championship
• The title match will consist of one single game between the two selected players (same time limits etc as usual)
Further detail:
• Eligibility for the 2021 British Championship follows the same criteria as usual[2], with the addition that anyone who qualified for the 2020 championship (which did not take place) is also eligible for the 2021 championship
• WAGC points will be awarded to the top 8 players in the British Open who meet eligibility criteria for the British Championship
• Any players who qualified for either the 2020 or 2021 British Championship will be given automatic eligibility for the 2022 championship - which we very much hope will follow a more normal structure
Eligible players who wish to take part in the British Championship need take no further action other than entering the British Open.

I hope that everyone can understand the need for the compromises that the above entails - without making such compromises it's likely there would be no British Championship this year unfortunately.

I'm happy, as ever, to answer any questions people have.

Best regards,


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