T Mark Hall Rapid is Another Win for Yaoling Yang

T Mark Hall Rapid
Sat, 6 Nov 2021

Yaoling Yang (5d Bristol) won his third event in a row by winning the T Mark Hall Rapid Play Tournament with five straight wins. Finishing second was Peikai Xue (3d Central London) with four wins. John Bamford (5k Oxford) was the other player to win five games, whilst four wins were achieved by Richard Wheeldon (1k South London), Michael Kyle (2k Edinburgh), Tim James (4k Brighton), Gilles Englebert (7k Oxford), Andrew Volovich (9k Cambridge) and Marco Praderio (10k Lancaster). The best players in various categories won cash prizes (£25 for first) and took home certificates as souvenirs. Results

This event was this first tournament to be run by the London Go Centre at its new location. This gave entrants a chance to see the layout of the London MindSports Centre which was bustling with Bridge players downstairs playing in league matches and various builders attaching doors and laying carpets in some of the currently unused areas. The T Mark Hall Room was appropriately the venue for the Go event named after him, with 32 players filling the room. After the event a small party was held to celebrate this first event.

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