Terry Stacey Grand Prix Update

One impact of Covid has been disruption to the Terry Stacey Grand Prix, which is an annual event that runs across tournaments between the British Go Congresses. The following have been agreed by the BGA Council to cover this situation, both now and in the future.

• The 2019/2020 winner was confirmed as Toby Manning, even though the final event should have been the British Congress 2020 which did not take place
• There is no award for the 20210/2021 season due to the lack of tournaments
• The 2021/22 season runs from the 2021 Leicester congress to the proposed Lancaster congress, even though this will not be a full calendar year

Further, the event rules will now include:

• If there are fewer than 6 qualifying tournaments in a season then the trophy will not be awarded and any points gained will be rolled into next year’s grand prix
• Only face-to-face tournaments will count for the trophy
• Only fully open McMahon events qualify, so invitee only events are excluded, as are junior and Pair Go events
• Only players who at the time of the game are BGA members can gain ‘Terry Stacey’ points for a win

Last updated Tue Feb 01 2022.
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