UK Win C-League

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 9 Apr 2024

The UK won their sixth match in row to put them in an unbeatable lead at the top of the C-League. They beat Slovenia by three games to one, with wins for Bruno, Scott and Tim. Their last match will be against South Africa who beat Denmark to stay three points behind, but only one point ahead of Spain.

League Page with game records

Bruno Poltronieri wrote: I won my game by resignation against Andrej Kralj. I gained my initial lead when he started a joseki but then misplayed it. The lead probably wasn't too big but my opponent then took gote a second time to kill off a ladder unnecessarily. I was also able to exploit some dodgy shape on the other side of the board to get a good result there, so after that I was leading pretty comfortably. He tried things in several areas, but nothing worked, so he resigned.

Scott Cobbold wrote of his game against Tim Klancišar: The beginning of the game was nothing special, but at one point I tried to take advantage of my opponent's shape weakness; surprisingly he wasn't willing to give up anything and ended up collapsing.

Des Cann wrote about his game against Janez Janža: I lost. I have not been playing enough recently so a bit rusty. Essentially I made some unsound strategic choices. I sacrificed a couple of stones to attack some less important stones and ultimately lost a group without sufficient compensation.

Tim Hunt wrote about his game against Martin Michel Majcenovic: I won by resignation, despite a couple of good goes at throwing the game away. After a promising opening, I decided to give my opponent a ponnuki in the centre. I got a valuable ladder-breaker as part of that so I was only a bit behind. Then my opponent let me live in what was formerly his corner by killing half of it, so I got back ahead. Then, when he invaded my moyo, after a bit, I thought I could shut him in and kill, but I was wrong by one liberty, and some of the surrounding stones got captured. However, I was able to prove they had enough aji to be useful, so I gradually clawed my way back in the endgame, and eventually he resigned once he was about 15 points behind.

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