General News: 2000

News from end of 2000

  • Promotions: To shodan Matthew Woodcraft and Konrad Scheffler (both Cambridge).
  • Youngest BGA Member: Congratulations to Alison and Simon Bexfield on the birth of their daughter Charlotte Alison on 03/11/00, weight 6 lb 1 oz (2.75 kg). Charlotte is not yet playing Go but has already been enrolled as a BGA member under the family membership scheme.
  • European Go Centre Award: 600 Euro were to be awarded for the best project on spreading Go, for example teaching beginners, publicity, improving a Go club. Entries had to be submitted by April.
  • "Japan 2001" Japanese Festival: The first event involving the BGA now is on 23/06/01 in Canterbury. The BGA was hoping to attend many more festivals around the country.
  • Mind Sports Olympiad: Volunteer(s) were wanted, to help plan and organise the BGA event at the MSO 2001 in London.
  • Stacey Grand Prix: The state (after London) was: 1st Francis Roads 21 points, 2nd John Rickard 20.5 points
  • 2000 Tournaments: The average attendance at British events in 2000 was 58 the same as 1999, but there were two fewer events (23). Record average was 1990 when it was 92 over 15 events.

Nippon Club

Were then meeting on Sundays 12:00-18:00 at Nippon Club Salon, Samuel House, 6 St. Alban's Street London SW1Y 4SQ (Near Piccadilly Circus tube station) All players were invited to attend. A Board Fee was charged.

Internet Tournaments

All British players were welcome to join the Polish Go Association's Internet Cup. The main prize was a teaching game with a top pro. Prizes for other winners were Go books (up to 25 USD). They had players registered from 6 dan to 16 kyu from Poland, Japan, China, Spain, Romania, Canada, and so on.

The Wings Go Club

Their mission is to promote the enjoyment and fellowship of go, primarily over the Internet, in the form of matches, tournaments, game reviews, teaching and events. In addition, Wings produces English language go books aimed at serious players who wish to improve their game. Wings uses various existing go servers, such as KGS, the Zone and NNGS, to meet and to host events. The Wings Go Club is the first virtual chapter of the American Go Association. Membership is free. Their website is and British players are invited to participate in their activities. They had various on-line tournaments planned for 2001. Contact John Stephenson

Asian Wanderer

Asian Wanderer were providing Japanese cultural holidays including a home stay and sightseeing.

BGA Analyst

Des Cann was running the BGA Analysis service, not T.Mark Hall.


John Fairbairn was promoted to 3 dan and Tim Hunt to 2 dan.

BGA Newsletter

The paper newsletter was newly edited by Jil Segerman.


Alison Jones (BGA President) became Alison Bexfield by marrying Simon Bexfield (CLGC President) on 11/03/00.

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the BGA was held on 29/04/00 at the Novotel Ipswich during the British Go Congress. The same officers were re-elected with Chris Dawson taking the empty council position. Brian Timmins work over the last 15 years (publicity, membership and BGJ Editor) was recognised with a presentation.

Tournament Coordinator

Tim Hunt had newly taken on this job.

Journal Editor

After more than ten years as Journal Editor, Brian Timmins had stepped down from this position. The BGA would be recognising his contribution to British Go as Editor, Membership Secretary and Publicity Officer at the AGM. The new editor was David Woodnutt.

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