General News: 2001

Japan 2001 Go Friendship Matches

The first Japan 2001 event featuring the BGA was the Bar-Low in Cambridge. Various Go displays took place at matsuri festivals around the country. In the autumn there would be a visit by professional go players Magari and Haruyama (both 9 dan), with a team of amateurs, playing matches in London 21/10/01, Cambridge 22/10/01, Bristol 23/10/01, Oxford 25/10/01. Strong kyus/dans will be needed to play the team. There is also a London area match at the Matsuri on 08/09/01 in Gunnersbury Park.

Central London

The CLGC moved venue from the Daiwa Foundation to the Crosse Keys, Gracechurch Street (near Monument) on Saturday afternoons.


There was a Mind Sports Olympiad in London this year designated as the second part of MSO 5. The Central European MSO was in Prague from 01/07/01-08/07/01 and has been designated MSO5 first part. The London venue was South Bank University, near Vauxhall station.

IGS-PandaNet Mail Magazine

The IGS-PandaNet Mail Magazine was a new service in which commentaries given by Professionals, on games that subscribers play on the IGS-PandaNet, were sent by email to all subscribers. Each month several games would be selected completely at random from the games played on the IGS-PandaNet. Top Japanese professionals would analyse them in detail. These commentaries would then be sent by email three times a month (two games with each mailing) for 500 yen (about three pounds). Professionals giving commentaries: Michael Redmond 9-dan, Yamada Kimio 8-dan, Takao Shinji 7-dan.

French Go Camp

The Go summer camp 2001 organised by the French Go Federation took place in St Pierre La Mer, on the Mediterranean coast, near Narbonne, from 07/07/01 to 21/07/01. As usual, they had the participation of professional players plus lots of activities. The Swedes were also running a camp at Leksand on Lake Siljan in August.

European 2001 - Help required

The BGA was helping to run the European Go Congress in Dublin later in 2001. Volunteers were needed to help run tournaments and so on. The tournament ran 22/07/01-04/08/01. Sponsorship was being provided by Fujitsu-Siemens Computers.

Go Tuition

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen was running private seminar days and a scheme to teach by email or post.

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