General News: 2003

Youth Grand Prix 2003

Final places after London Open:

  1. Jonathan Englefield 10 kyu High Wycombe 1283
  2. William Brooks 3 kyu Cambridge 778
  3. Paul Blockley 13 kyu Worcester 769
  4. Li Shen 5 dan London 655

Following next were Kay and Ken Dackombe (Bromley).
The top 3 received trophies at the 2004 Youth Championships. The Grand Prix is now supported by a fund in memory of John Rickard.


Congratulations to the Bexfield family who grew one larger on 02/02/04 with the addition of Hilary. Mother and baby were reported as doing fine.

Central London Go Club Moves 01/09/03

The CLGC is now meeting at the International Student House (ISH) at 229 Great Portland Street. Meetings are from 14:00 - 22:00 on Saturdays. Many exciting new activities are planned.

British Championship 2003

The first British Championship title match game between Matthew Macfadyen and challenger Matthew Cocke took place on 09/08/03 at the Epsom Tournament. It was won by Macfadyen by resignation. Some of the game was watched live of KGS by up to a 100 people before the technology failed. The other games were held on 16/08/03 and 17/08/03 at the MSO in Manchester. Again broadcast on KGS and again won by Matthew Macfadyen, who thus retained the title.

Western Pros, 26/04/03

In the Fujitsu Cup Catalin Taranu lost to the US representative John J-S Lee, who then had to face Yi Changho. Michael Redmond has been doing well in the Gosei with a win over Cho Chikun. Feng Yun, the Chinese pro who visited UK a few years ago, now lives and teaches in New Jersey. Her star pupils are currently Mozheng Guan (6 dan aged 15) who was fifth in the World Youth, Andy Liu (4 dan aged 11) and Lionel Zhang (4 kyu aged 7).

The Girl Who Played Go

Published on 01/05/03 by Chatto & Windus (ISBN 0701174115) this new novel by Shan Sa (translated by Adriana Hunter) has been very sucessful in original French and in German. It tells a love story between a Chinese girl Go player and a Japanese soldier during Japan's Occupation of China. Often brutal and quite shocking, the book is quite an emotional read. 280 pages hardback 12.99 - available in all good bookshops. Guardian Review

Castledine-Barnes Trust

The Susan Barnes and Castledine Trusts have merged. Both had aims to promote youth go which continues under trustees Toby Manning, Francis Roads and Sue Paterson.

BGA gotalk

The new BGA email list for news/discussion is called gotalk. Details

BGA AGM 2003

The Annual General Meeting was held during the British Go Congress in Penzance. The existing officers were re-elected with four of the existing council members. Alison Bexfield was appointed auditor after Toby Manning stepped down. The motion to amend the constitution clause on dissolution was passed and the accounts were approved.

Hans Pietsch

The Japanese Yomiuri paper reported on 17/01/03 that Hans Pietsch was shot and killed on the morning of 16/01/03 local time on a Go-related trip to Guatemala. He was on a promotion trip with Mr Nagahara 6 dan to Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico from 9th to 22nd January.
Hans, 34 from Bremen, had been professional since 1997 and had been 4 dan since 2000, one of the few Westerners to make the professional grades.

Stacey Points 2002-2003

As David Ward did not compete the British Open, the winner was Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes) by half a point. The final state of the Stacey "Grand Prix" 2002-2003 was
1. Tim Hunt 27.5 pts
2. David Ward 27 pts
3. Francis Roads 25 pts
4. Young Kim 19 pts
5. Toby Manning 18.5 pts
6= Li Shen and Simon Goss 18 pts.

London Marathon 2003

Bill Brakes raised money for charity by running the London Marathon. He placed 20162 with a time of 05:12:33 (just over 2 hours behind the winner).


The BGA Council ratified the following grades/promotions
on 29/11/03:
3 dan - Alison Bexfield
on 13/09/03:
5 dan - Li Shen
on 18/05/03:
4 dan - Quentin Mills
2 dan - Paul Clarke
on 23/02/03:
4 dan - Li Shen
3 dan - Tony Atkins
2 dan - Christian Scarff
1 dan - Brian Brunswick

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