General News: 1995

British Championship

Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, played challenger Matthew Macfadyen for the 1995 British Championship. Shutai won the first game, lost the second by illegal ko capture, lost the third on 07/10/95 and then won the fourth on 08/10/95. In the final deciding game on 26/11/95 at Swindon, Matthew got off to a good start, but mishandled an attack and fell a few points behind. Despite playing desperately to catch up Matthew was forced to resign allowing Shutai to hold on to the title. As Shutai is still ineligible Matthew would be representing us at the World Amateur in Omachi Japan in May.


The BGA had promoted the following: Toby Manning - 3 dan, Antonio Moreno - 3 dan, Alex Selby - 2 dan, Jo Hampton - 2 dan, Matthew Holton - 1 dan.

Niek van Diepen

Niek had suffered a minor heart attack and had given up his EGF responsibilities to Martin Finke until he recovered. Previously he was married on 13/10/95 to Annemarie Hovingh and moved to Malden, NL.

Tim Hazelden

The BGA regrets that Tim Hazelden (2 dan) was killed in a car crash near his Yorkshire home at the end of September. As joint land lord of the Marton Arms in the Dales he will be remembered as the jovial host of the Three Peaks Tournament. This year the event went ahead in his memory, organised by Alison Jones, and it was planned to hold the event again the next November.

Battersea Park

Thanks went to all who turned up to help teach go on a hot July day at the Anglo-Japanese festival.

Feng Yun

Miss Feng Yun, Chinese professional, had become 8 dan for real and was again hoping to spend the autumn in the UK. Some of her problems had been circulating in the UK.

Sample game

A sample game record from the "Internet Go Server" was made available. It was played between two players of around 1kyu/1dan level. It was in "Ishi" format suitable for Go Scribe or Many Faces of Go. For professional games on disc you could contact T. Mark Hall.

British Championship 1994

On 22/04/95 Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, beat challenger Matthew Macfadyen to take the British Championship for 1994 by 3 games to 0.


The AGM of the British Go Association was held at the British at Felsted on 08/04/95. It is believed this was the first AGM to be held in a pub (The Checkers). The reworded constitution was accepted. The same Council was elected with Paul Hankin and Colin Adams replacing Paul Smith and Keith Osborne. Former Book Seller Bob Bagot was awarded a go ban as an honorarium for his services. Harold Lee was made a Life Member.

Computer Go

Dr Michael Reiss of KCL was hoping to take his computer program to the World Computer Go Championships in Tokyo in September. Alan Scarff had got his program to about 5 kyu, but it was still learning.

Computer Software

If you wanted a free PC computer game of go - shareware program no guarantee on strength of play - you could send a disc and your address to Nick Wedd.

Canterbury Games

Game records from the "Canterbury European Go Congress" Booklet were available, in "Ishi" format suitable for Go Scribe or Many Faces of Go, on disc from the Editor.

Feng Yun

Miss Feng Yun, Chinese professional 7 dan, was only able to spend a few weeks in Britain. She attended a receptions and open afternoon at the Central London Go Club and did a little touring. She came with the Pingding Mountain Coal Team, which included Wang Dongliang professional 4 dan. However she had to return to play the China-Japan SuperGo Match - a great honour for a mere 7 dan!

British Championship 1994

At the International Match on 12/03/95 Shutai Zhang, the Chinese Doctor from London, beat challenger Matthew Macfadyen to take a 2-0 lead.

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