General News: 1998

Brakenhale School Party 09/12/98

28 kids battled on 13x13 boards, solved problems, ate and enjoyed this year's raffle. Tournament winners were Claire May (now 30k), Theo Elliott (now 24k) and Lucie Elliott (now 28k). Quiz winners were Elizabeth Wayte and her 8 year old sister Laura.

Kisei Match

Game one of this would be held on 13/01/99 and 14/01/99 at the Maison de la Culture du Japon, Quai Branly, Paris. The players were Cho and Kobayashi and many other professional players would attend.


Niculae Mandache was promoted to 2 dan. The following were all new 1 dans: Kirsty Healey, Paul Clarke, Christian Scarff, Simon Bexfield, Henry Segerman.

Pro Teaching Tour

Yajie Liu from China was undertaking a three month visit to Britain to teach go and learn better English. She had visited Oxford, Cambridge, Surrey and planned more trips in January.

New York Times

There was an article in the New York Times (24 Dec 1998) about Go and playing on the internet.

British Championship

Matthew Macfadyen beat Challenger Edmund Shaw in the third game of the British Championship title match. Edmund lost by the closest of margins (half a point). This let Macfadyen retain the title winning the match 3-0. Game three was played alongside the Milton Keynes Tournament on 26/09/98.


This was held at the Northern Go Congress Manchester on 12/09/98. The agenda item was a change to the constitution that amended subscriptions from annual to twelve monthly, and adjusted some wording that needed tidying. A proposal to allow proxy voting at General Meetings was rejected at this stage.


Michael Zhang has been confirmed as BGA 3 dan. Steve Jones has been promoted to 1 dan.

BGJ Index

The British Go Journal Index had been improved and updated to issue 112. Electronic version only available as .DOC or .TXT files.

European Go Server (EGS)

The European Go Federation had set up a Go Server. Server software is adapted from the No Name Go Server and the server's principal purpose is the organization of internal European tournaments, matches and teaching. All members of EGF were encouraged to register on it. There was a trial period until 01/01/99, with no automatic rating. After the trial period a rating system would be introduced for registered members of EGF only. Non-members of EGF are welcome as guests. For special arrangements and any other related questions please contact the server administrator. It was planned to organize 1st European Internet Go Championship in the next spring.

British Championship

On 22/08/98 at the Chess and Bridge Shop, Euston Road, near to Regent's Park in London, Matthew Macfadyen beat Challenger Edmund Shaw in the first game of the British Championship title match. Edmund resigned on move 145. Commentary on the game was provided by T.Mark Hall and the players. The third of the best of five series would be on 26/09/98 at the Milton Keynes Tournament.

Stacey Grand Prix

After Devon the points table leaders were: Matthew Macfadyen (14), Michael Marz (9) and Francis Roads (8).

Japanese Festival

On 11/06/98 from 14:00 to 21:00 at Maeda Gakuen Yochien Sports Ground, Queens Drive, West Acton, London. Go was featured as well as food/drink/art/sport.

British Championship

On 14/06/98 at the Daiwa Foundation overlooking Regent's Park in London, Matthew Macfadyen beat Challenger Edmund Shaw in the first game of the British Championship title match. The second of the best of five series would be on 22/08/98 at the Chess and Bridge shop in Euston Road London.

Korean Go/Tourism Trip

This was to have been run by KNTO but cancelled for 1998 due to the Korean economic problems.

Grand Prix

Winner of the Terry Stacey Grand Prix for the most games won "above the bar" in the year was Francis Roads. Runner up was Matthew Macfadyen. Winner of the WKD title (most losses by a 2 dan) was Tony Atkins.


Simon Shiu and Antonio Moreno both 4 dan. Martin Smith was new 2 dan. Ian Marsh new 1 dan.


This was held at the British Go Congress Chester on 18/04/98. Agenda items included reports, elections and so on and discussions on the five-year eligibility rule for the British Championship (to remain), whether BGA subscriptions should be increased for 1999 (going up by a pound) and whether they should be allowed to start any quarter (to be referred to an EGM later).

Go Tuition

National Trainer Matthew Macfadyen was running private seminar days during and a scheme to teach by email. Other events: Women's coaching weekend 28/03/-29/03/98 and Summer School Course at Marlborough School starting 19/07/98

Japanese Touring Party

A Japanese tour party visited London in February on their way to the Spanish GP via Lisbon. On 17/02/98 a match between Japanese amateurs and London players was held at the Nippon Club in Piccadilly. This was won by the locals 10-5. The party was led by husband and wife professionals Okada Shinichiro (6 dan) and Okada Yumiko (4 dan) who played may local players three at a time for three hours.


The BGA promoted John Hobson to 2 dan and Nick Mandache to 1 dan.

BT Wireplay

A commercial Go service for those with pc/modem, but not needing internet access, was up and running as of 02/03/98. More information at the Wireplay web site under Mind Games. Note that the BGA is supporting this new service but does not necessarily recommend it in preference to other Go servers.

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