Andrew Kay wins Candidates' in Edinburgh:

4 May 2013 - 6 May 2013

The Candidates' Tournament, the first stage in the British Championship, was held for the first time in Edinburgh, to allow more Scottish players to take part.

The British Champion, Andrew Kay, requested to take part, despite being guaranteed a place in the Challengers' League by the rules, and convincingly won the event, for the third year running. The two players qualifying for the Challengers' League on 5 wins were Des Cann and Matt Crosby. Those on 4 wins qualifying were Tim Hunt, Andrew Simons, Boris Mitrovic, Alex Kent and Alex Rix. Richard Hunter should be first reserve but has declined his place, so Francis Roads is reserve again.

23 people took part, including the Ghost, and more women and more Scottish players took part than have ever played before.


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