Our Policies


As of February 2023 a process is underway to restructure and reword our existing policies. The newer policy index is at Revamped Policies. Anything published on the newer index fully supersedes the previous policies.

This document states the current policies of the British Go Association (BGA).

The policies stated in this document, and their application, are subject to the provisions of the Company's Articles which can be modified only by a 75% majority of those voting at a General Meeting of the Association.

These policies are not intended to restrict our effective operation. The Board will revise them, or depart from them in specific cases, where it judges it appropriate to do so, subject to the requirement to conform to the Company's Articles and to UK law.

Anybody wishing to propose a change to this document should either contact any member of the Board, or raise their proposal for discussion on GoTalk.

For this document and all documents it refers to, the version on the website here is the official version.

Note: some of these policy statements can only be viewed by members of the Association, so you may need to log in to our site.

Last updated Wed Nov 15 2023.
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