6.4 Levy

Our Levy is a fee paid by tournaments to us in exchange for use of our tournament equipment (sets, clocks, laptop, software), public liability and loss/damage insurance, publicity (see section 6.6) and submission of results to the rating system. The tournament levy is not charged for youth events and is intended to approximately cover the costs associated with the provision of these facilities on an annual basis, including equipment replacement and travel costs.

There is no requirement for tournament organisers to relate entry charges to the levy charge. The levy is charged in the method below partly to

  • provide temporary Association membership for non-Association members and recognise that the equipment is effectively owned by our members, hence the reduction for our members, and
  • also to provide tournament organisers with a simple way of predicting the cost when planning a tournament without having to make a specific commitment in advance of the event, irrespective of where the tournament is held within the UK and the number of players actually attending.

We levy a daily charge based on the number of players in the main event of any tournament, in the following categories:

  • Association member and is eligible for Concessionary Association membership
  • Association member or a member of a foreign national Go Association
  • non-Association member and is eligible for Concessionary Association membership
  • non-Association member
  • players entering their first tournament (free)

The current rates and submission form are here

Note: These charges are reduced by 50% for any tournament not requiring the provision by us of any equipment. For events longer than two days discounts are available - please contact our Treasurer to discuss details.

Loss-Making Tournaments

Our Treasurer has discretion to waive all or part of the levy in the event that the Tournament makes a financial loss.

Tournament organisers requesting a waiver of the levy should contact the Treasurer. They should provide brief accounts for the tournament, and a justification for the proposed waiver. This should include an explanation of how any surplus would have been used, and a statement as to how the levy will be financed in the event that a waiver is not granted.

A waiver is likely to be granted in cases where the event is new, and where any loss would fall personally on the Organiser. Where the event is of regular standing a waiver is unlikely to be granted, as it is expected that the club organising the tournament would have sufficient reserves to cover the occasional loss.

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