University College Cork Tournament Results: 2008

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 19 Jan 2008

The bar was at 2k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

Prize winners were Wang and Cao (above bar), Renaud and Kleczar (below bar).

11Wei Wang5dUCCCN2+8+3+5+42
22Tong Yu Cao4dUCCIE1-7+4+3+31
33Lukasz Blek1kTorunPL6+5+1-2-20
4Terence McSweeney1kCorkIE5-6+2-7+20
5Claas Roever1kGalwayDE4+3-10+1-20
6Wenzhi Liang2kCorkCN3-4-8+10+20
77Julien Renaud3kDublinIE8+2-9+4-2-1
88Olivier Deme2kDublinBE7-1-6-12+1-1
99Justyna Kleczar5kCorkPL13+12+7-17+3-2
1010Rory Wales4kCorkIE12+13+5-6-2-2
1111Arthur Cater9kDublinIE14+15+12-13-2-7
1212Cristoph Bonk8kCorkIE10-9-11+8-1-7
1313John Doyle10kCobhIE9-10-14-11+1-9
1414Jago Gibbons13kUCCIE11-16+13+18+3-10
1515Jos Elkink14kDublinNL17+11-18+16-2-12
1616Robert Karreman16kUCCZA18+14-17+15+3-13
1717Brendan Curtis15kCobhIE15-18-16-9-0-15
1818Harry Kelly18kUCCIE16-17+15-14-1-17
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