Honours Even in 1st WBaduk Varsity Match

WBaduk Cup Varsity Match
Mon, 30 Dec 2013

Two teams representing Oxford and Cambridge came together at the venue of the London Open for a two round match. This was at the invitation of WBaduk who sponsored the match and broadcast the games on Korean Go Server with the aid of BGA game recorders. Players represented both the current students and alumni.


Matthew Macfadyen

Tony Lou Yuxiang

Junnun Jiang

Andrew Simons

Alex Rix

Chris Bryant

Stephane Thao

Jamie Taylor

In round 1 Matthew Macfadyen lost to Cambridge's Tony Lou Yuxiang (5d), but Oxford's Junnun Jiang (4d) beat Andrew Simons. Alex Rix won board 3 for Oxford against Chris Bryant, and on board 4 Stephane Thao lost on 3 stones to Jamie Taylor of Cambridge, making the score 2-2.

In round 2 Matthew beat Andrew and Tony won his second by beating Junnan. Alex Rix beat Jamie Taylor and Stephane managed to throw a won three-stone game against Chris. This made the final score 4-4 and a honorable draw, meaning both teams could share the champagne and the cash prizes.

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