Youth Camp Pair Go Tournament Results 2022

Tournament Name
Youth Camp Pair Go
Tournament Date
Thu, 11 Aug 2022

Includes adult players (teachers).

All games played even.

PosnNoNameAv Gr1234Wins
11Caleb Monk/Lea Wong5k3+6+7+2+4
22Andrew Volovich/Greg Kudla5k10+7+4+1-3
33Hanna Kudla/Daniel Yang5k1-5+6+...2
4Lawrence Baker/Edmund Smith8k5+10+2-...2
55Taher Anjari/Gene Wong7k4-3-8+...1
6Karl Patterson/Alain Cheung9.5k9+1-3-...1
7Morgan Pittaway/Alison Bexfield9.5k8+2-1-...1
8Austin Pittaway/Scott Cobbold11.5k7-9+5-...1
9Amy Parker/Tony Atkins12.5k6-8-10+...1
1010Lukasz Kudla/Michael Cheung5k2-4-9-...0
Last updated Fri Aug 19 2022.
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