Go images from the Mind Sports Olympiad

The images on this page are taken, with consent, from the Mind Sports Olympiad web site. Almost all of them were taken by John "MazeMan" Knoderer.

You can click on any of these pictures to see a large version.

Des Cann, challenger for the title of British Go Champion, queues to register. He is the tall one fourth from the left. Des reaches the registration desk. Two Go players who are not here for the Go. Left: Paul Smith. Foreground: John McLeod. Left foreground: Tony Atkins.
Right: Bill Streeten. The first game of the British Championship match. Left: Title-holder Matthew Macfadyen. Right: Challenger Des Cann
The partners who run the Mind Sports Olympiad. Left: David Levy. Right: Tony Buzan right: Alison Bexfield, Charles Matthews The display board showing the first game of the Macfadyen-Cann match
Liao Xingwen (left) plays John Fairbairn ... ... observed by a photographer ... ... and by Tony Buzan.
See here for pictures from the challenge game between Liao Xingwen and Mike Reiss's program Go4++
Adam Atkinson (right) teaching Go, as he did throughout the MSO.
Liao Xingwen, Liu Yajie and Tony Buzan
This picture shows the size of the hall in which most of the games were played. I understand that the adjacent hall is far larger, and may be used next year! left: Tony Corfe, overall organiser and coordinator of the MSO events
There were many chess-players.
On the first weekend, the BGA publicity stand was just inside the main entrance, where it attracted many of them.
On Monday, it was moved to behind a palm tree. Maybe she is trying to find it! left: Des Cann. right: Matthew Macfadyen. Francis Roads records the game.
The lightning Go tournament. Throughout the MSO fortnight, Chris Dickson, the MSO webmaster, was working eighteen-hour days. No wonder he looks a bit manic. The display board showing the Macfadyen/Cann match.
Jaap van den Herik, overall arbiter of all the Mind Sports events. Chuck Smith, MSO journalist. Kirsty Healey, who was in charge of all the Go events; and Chris Dickson, MSO webmaster. Nathanael Lutton, who was helping with the organisation.
The BGA publicity desk. Harold Lee was playing poker.
Computer Go between Chen, Zhixing (GoeMate) and Michael Reiss (Go4++). Another computer Go game. Hiroshi Yamashita receives a prize from David Levy, not for computer Go, but for one of his other programs - he entered programs for Go (bronze), Shogi (gold, undefeated), and Amazons (silver).
Chen, Zhixing (GoeMate) plays Bruno Bouzy (Indigo) Publicity for the British Champion title match
Francis Roads plays Liao Xingwen. Liao has an impressive black moyo at Francis's end of the board.
The photographer visited Camden Lock and the Regent's Park canal. Later he took a boat trip on the Thames ..
.. where he saw the wobbly bridge .. .. and the Millennium Eye. It was high tide when they queued to get into the Millennium Eye.
Pair-Go. Guo Juan partners Jingyu Du, Alison Bexfield partners Simon Bexfield. Second in the back row is Sue Paterson. Alison Bexfield and Guo Juan at the left of the front row. John Rickard did not play Go, but he won a prize for something.
The front of the Alexandra Palace. The entrance hall, in which .. .. the BGA publicity stand can be seen behind some prizewinners.

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