Vital Points and Skilful Finesse for Sabaki

BGJ 172 Summer 2015, Author: Roger Huyshe

by Yoda Norimoto (Publisher Hinoki Press)

Only when you have understood the meaning of light and heavy formations, is it time to move on to the more subtle concept of sabaki. Sabaki is the result where weak or invading stones emerge with some eyeshape or a palatable position from an unpromising base line. It may be much easier to appreciate than to implement.

This is in essence a problem book. Seventy-eight problems, each presented in a nice clear diagram. The reader is asked to select between two or three given choices. In the following two to six pages, the correct answer is shown, with a full explanation of why it is right, and the other choices wrong.

The early problems are pitched at high SDK and they get harder through the book. Few of the problems relate directly to moyos, but many of them could have arisen from an invasion and counterattack by the opponent. The book brings together various ideas and tesuji for handling weak stones, and should help to broaden your understanding of sabaki.

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