Tourman Features


Milky Way is a demonstration tournament showing the entry form and entry list updated at each entry. Under normal circumstances an email is sent to the TD and the entrant with full details of what has been submitted. This demonstration is in test mode, so no emails are sent.

Feel free to try out the form and enter. You will be asked for an email address, so entering anything like will do.
Entry form.  Entry list.

Although no emails are actually sent you can view what would have been sent:
Player's email.  TD's email. 

The TD is able to create a registration file for GoDraw to save having to enter the players individually. This could be done a few days before the Milky Way registration actually starts.


The new Ratings List contains an embedded rating table, which is produced every early morning.

Club names have been abbreviated as some have become very long making the table harder to read. The ratings FAQ has also been revised to better advise on how players should use the list.


Tournament Directors are advised to download the latest players list from the GoDraw Development page. It provides the latest player details making it possible for the Draw Master to quickly enter players manually with just a few typed characters.

The Player List file is also produced in the early morning, along with the rating table.


If you have any comments, queries, or problems, please contact the Tourman Maintainer [] in the first instance.

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