Japan stop Chinese Taipei Gold Rush

Thu, 23 Aug 2012

On the last day of play at the World Mind Sports Games the finals and play-offs were staggered so you could watch more than one on Pandanet and EuroGoTV and so that some of the winners could catch evening flights.

The first event to end was the Pair Go. Already Chinese Taipei had stopped Russia from taking the third place, but a very interesting and hard-fought battle ensued to see if Japan could stop their other pair from getting the gold. Eventually the game ended up tied on the board with Japan winning by komi.

Gold : Japan Maya Osawa/Riki Nakasone

Silver: Chinese Taipei Lin Hsiao /Hung Hsin Wei

Bronze: Chinese Taipei Lu Yu-Hua /Lai Yu Cheng

In the Youth, Zhoa Jia Rui from Hong Kong was forced to settle for fourth place, meaning Chinese Taipei would win all three medals again. In the final, Kuo forced Tsai to resign after only 110 moves.

Gold : Chinese Taipei Kuo Nai-Fu

Silver: Chinese Taipei Tsai Cheng-Wei

Bronze: Chinese Taipei Hsu Hao-Hung

Later on in the evening would be the WMSG Closing Ceremony.

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