Volunteers for School Visits

You may be able to find a Go teacher available to run introductory sessions in schools and other youth groups for a fee or for expenses or free of charge.

We also have a set of Accredited Go teachers, some of whom work with children.

Volunteer Visitors

Here are some of our members who have expressed interest in visiting schools and other youth groups:

Adrian Abrahams Lancashire NW
Nick Allday Oxfordshire S
Steve Bailey Surrey S
Steve Burgess Cambs EA
John Culmer Cornwall SW
Andrew Gardner Suffolk EA
John Garner Devon SW
Martin Harvey Manchester NW
Charles Matthews Cambs EA
Jay Rastall London L
Alex Selby Cambs EA
Peter Smith Cambs EA
Richard Thompson Leics EM
Nick Wedd Oxford TV
Tom Widdicombe Devon SW
Matthew Woodcraft Cambs EA

Letter to Schools

When we assign volunteers to visit schools, a standard letter should be sent to the contact at the school, with the wording given below. In this, the words "He/she will co-operate with your normal process and policies for appointing volunteers" refer to DfES guidelines for head teachers and are a non-negative, non-bossy way of saying that we assume that the school will instigate any checks and other risk management procedures its head teacher considers necessary under those guidelines.


Dear [name of teacher],
Thank you for contacting the BGA to arrange for a Go player to visit [name of school] to give a first introduction to the game of Go. I am happy to confirm that [name of volunteer] is available to visit you ,
   arriving at [time] on [date] /
   and will contact you to agree a date and time.

If you would like [name] to make further visits to the school to help with Go, please would you arrange it directly with him/her.

He/she will co-operate with your normal process and policies for appointing volunteers.

Yours sincerely,
[BGA title]
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