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Calling All ReadersHall, T. Mark*L+D19959833
Cambridge (British Go Congress 1970)  T701969102
Cambridge (British Go Congress 1970)  T701970121-
Cambridge (EGoC 1976)  T761976341-
Cambridge (EGoC 1976)  T7619763417-
Cambridge (EGoC 1976)  T76199610410
Cambridge (Tournament 1981)Stott, Graham*T8119815317
Cambridge Beginners Tournament 1997  T97199710741
Cambridge Club  Clb19928930
Cambridge Club  Clb19928942
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1968)  T68196871
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1973)  T7319742316
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1974)  T7419742416
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1981)  T8119815317
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1982)  T8219825614
Cambridge Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1983)  T8319835917
Cambridge Club v. Reading Club (Club Match 1973)  T731974243-
Cambridge Club v. University of East Anglia (Club Match 1968)  T68196852
Cambridge Club v. Winnipeg Club (Internet Club Match 1997)  T9719971076
Cambridge Double Figure Kyu Go League (1998)Smith, Paul**T98199811215
Cambridge Go Congress: see also Cambridge Tournament      
Cambridge Go Congress (1975) *T7519752916
Cambridge in the PinkSmith, Paul*Clb19918419
Cambridge Junior Chess & Go Club  Clb199710622
Cambridge Tournament 1975  T7519752916
Cambridge Tournament 1977  T771977379
Cambridge Tournament 1978  T7819784113
Cambridge Tournament 1979  T7919794515
Cambridge Tournament 1980  T8019804815-
Cambridge Tournament 1982  T8219825614
Cambridge Tournament 1983  T8319835814
Cambridge Tournament 1984  T841984628
Cambridge Tournament 1985  T8519856516
Cambridge Tournament 1986  T8619866716
Cambridge Tournament 1988  T8819887230
Cambridge Tournament 1989  T8919897530
Cambridge Tournament 1990  T9019907935-
Cambridge Tournament 1991  T9119918341
Cambridge Tournament 1992  T9219928742-
Cambridge Tournament 1993  T9319939146
Cambridge Tournament 1994  T9419949536
Cambridge Tournament 1995  T9519959954
Cambridge Tournament 1996  T96199610341
Cambridge Tournament 1997  T97199710741
Cambridge Tournament 1998  T98199811137
Canada: see also Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg      
Canada  Cou19907932-
Canada Dry RunMatthews, Charles*T9719971076
Canberra  Cit199710737
Canberra  Cit199710838
Candidate, Electing a -Roads, Francis*T861986684-
Candidates & Challengers (1978) *T781978423-
Candidates (Tournament 1978)Wells, David*T781978423
Candidates (Tournament 1984)Chandler, Brian*T8419846215-
Candidates (Tournament 1990) GameHall, T. Mark*Gam19908013-
Candidates (Tournament) '85Chandler, Brian et al*T851985658-
Candidates Tournament: see also British Championship, Challengers League, Challengers Tournament      
Candidates Tournament  TCd19866817
Candidates Tournament  Tou1987704
Candidates Tournament  TSy1986684
Candidates Tournament  TSy19959926-
Candidates Tournament  TSy199710930
Candidates Tournament  TSy199710942
Candidates Tournament (1983)Macfadyen, Matthew*T8319836016-
Candidates Tournament (1989)Roads, Francis*T8919897512-
Candidates Tournament (1991) GameHall, T. Mark*Gam19918441-
Candidates Tournament 1976  T7619752914
Candidates Tournament 1976  T76199610411-
Candidates Tournament 1976, Report on the -Cross, Alison*T761976335-
Candidates Tournament 1978  T7819784114-
Candidates Tournament 1983  T8319835916
Candidates Tournament 1984  T8419846217
Candidates Tournament 1985  T851985658-
Candidates Tournament 1986  T861986684-
Candidates Tournament 1987  T8719877019-
Candidates Tournament 1987, The -Roads, Francis*T8719877018
Candidates Tournament 1988  T8819887230
Candidates Tournament 1989 *T8919897519
Candidates Tournament 1990  T9019908013-
Candidates Tournament 1990  T9019908036
Candidates Tournament 1991  T9119918441-
Candidates Tournament 1992  T9219928745-
Candidates Tournament 1993  T9319939148-
Candidates Tournament 1993  T9319939322-
Candidates Tournament 1994  T9419949522-
Candidates Tournament 1994  T9419949640
Candidates Tournament 1995  T9519959928-
Candidates Tournament 1995  T95199510046-
Candidates Tournament 1995  T95199510059
Candidates Tournament 1996  T96199610339-
Candidates Tournament 1996  T96199610344
Candidates Tournament 1997  T97199710744-
Candidates Tournament 1998  T98199811137-
Candidates Tournament and Challengers League 1977Macfadyen, Matthew**T7719773711
Candidates Tournament CLGC 3rd May 1987Hall, T. Mark*Gam19877019-
Candidates, Qualifying for the -  TSy19856416
Candidates, Qualifying for the -Atkins, Tony**TSy19928819
Cann, Desmond: see also author index      
Cann, Desmond v. Hall, T. Mark (Candidates Tournament 1990)  GEv19908013-
Cann, Desmond v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1997)  GEv199710939-
Cann, Desmond v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1993/94)  GEv1994949-
Cann, Desmond v. Hollings, M. (Coventry/Warwick v. Malvern '87)  GEv19877127-
Cann/Healey v. Webber/Jones (British Pair Go Tournament 1994)  GRg19959939
Cannes (European Youth Tournament 1998)  T9819981114-
Cannes (European Youth Tournament 1998)  T98199811141
Cannes (Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 1998)  T98199811141
Cannes: The Games Festival (1998)Blockley, Edward**T9819981114-
Cannibalism in China, More Odd Notes on Go- -Fairbairn, John**Hum19763316
Canterbury (British Go Congress 1991)  T9119918316-
Canterbury (British Go Congress 1991)  T9119918341-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T921989745
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T921989765
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T921990785
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T921992864
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219928746
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T921992884-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219928929
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219928945
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219939044-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219939051-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T9219939138-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992)  T92199610317
Canterbury (EGoC 1992) Prize WinnersAtkins, Tony**T9219928937-
Canterbury (EGoC 1992), Games from - *Gam19928830-
Canterbury, Summer in -Atkins, Tony*Cit19918522-
Canterbury, The Long Road to -Gardner, Sue*PAm19928640-
Capture Go: see also Capturing Game      
Capture Go, The Perils of -Hall, T. Mark**Tch199610223
Capture, Rescue and -Macfadyen, Matthew**Lit199811021
Capturing Game: see also Capture Go      
Capturing Game, In Defence of the -Cobb, William S.*Tch199610332
Capturing Race: see also Semeai      
Capturing RaceMacfadyen, Matthew*L+D19959942-
Carpenter's Square  L+D19877013
Carpenter's Square  L+D19928618-
Carpenter's Square  L+D19928721-
Carpenter's Square  L+D19928822-
Carpenter's Square  L+D1992894-
Carpenter's Square  L+D19939012-
Carpenter's Square  L+D1993918-
Carpenter's Square  L+D199610214
Carter, Roger v. Holroyd, Fred  GH519918328-
Cartoon CornerHone, Amanda*Hum19939039
Case of the Wrong Japanese, The -Atkins, Tony*T95199510013
Castle Games  THs19928710-
Castledine Trophy, The -Rudd, Simon*T9219928935
Castledine Trust  Prm1991824
Castledine Trust, The - **Prm1979463
Castledine Trust, The - **Prm1980474
Castledine Trust, The -Manning, Toby**Prm19866717
Castledine v. PiraniDiamond, Jon et al**Gam1978425-
Castledine, Brian: see also author index      
Castledine, Brian (obit)Macfadyen, Matthew*PAm1979453
Castledine, Brian v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship '78, Game 1)  GEv19794410
Castledine, Brian v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship '78, Game 2)  GEv19794410-
Castledine, Brian v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship '78, Game 3)  GEv19794411-
Castledine, Brian v. Pirani, Adam (Challengers League 1978)  GEv1978425-
Catch Them YoungRoads, Francis*Tch19732114-
Central FusekiDaly, Andrew**Gam19794419
Central London Club  Clb19784315
Central London Club  Clb19804712
Central London Club  Clb19804811
Central London Club  Clb19918538
Central London Club  Clb19939019
Central London Club Tournament 1981  T8119815415
Central London Club Tournament 1982  T8219835814
Centre StrategyDaniel, Roger*Gam19939118-
Centre, The - Cannot HoldMatthews, Charles*Gam199811244-
Challengers (League 1978)Pirani, Adam*T781978423-
Challengers (Tournament 1982)Grant, Andrew et al*T8219825610-
Challengers League: see also British Championship, Candidates Tournament, Challengers Tournament      
Challengers League  TCd19866817
Challengers League  TCd199811115
Challengers League  Tou1987704
Challengers League  TSy19908036-
Challengers League  TSy19959926-
Challengers League (1977)Castledine, Brian*Gam1977384-
Challengers League (1983)Macfadyen, Matthew*T8319836020-
Challengers League (1984)Barty, Jim*T8419846322-
Challengers League (1994) GameHall, T. Mark*Gam19949610
Challengers League 1975  T7519752616
Challengers League 1975  T751975271
Challengers League 1975  T751975282
Challengers League 1975  T7519752816
Challengers League 1975Prescott, Paul*T751975298-
Challengers League 1976  T7619763318
Challengers League 1977  T771977384-
Challengers League 1978  T7819784114-
Challengers League 1984  T8419846210
Challengers League 1985  T8519856517
Challengers League 1986Barty, Jim*T861986686-
Challengers League 1989Roads, Francis*T8919897620
Challengers League 1990  T9019908036
Challengers League 1991  T9119918444
Challengers League 1992  T9219928836
Challengers League 1993  T9319939260
Challengers League 1994  T9419949610
Challengers League 1994  T9419949640
Challengers League 1995  T95199510059
Challengers League, Candidates Tournament and - 1977Macfadyen, Matthew**T7719773711
Challengers Tournament: see also British Championship, Candidates Tournament, Challengers League      
Challengers Tournament  TSy19815214
Challengers Tournament  TSy199710930
Challengers Tournament  TSy199710942
Challengers Tournament 1980Barty, Jim et al*T801980495-
Challengers Tournament 1981  T8119815328
Challengers Tournament (1981)Macfadyen, Matthew*T811981533-
Challengers Tournament 1996  T96199610452-
Challengers Tournament 1997  T97199710851
Challengers Tournament 1998  T98199811141
Championship: see also Tou, T.. in subject index      
Championship Organiser's Lament, The -Jones, Andrew*TSy19959926-
Championships Systems, New -Matthews, Charles*TSy199710942
Chan Ka Yui: see also Chin Ka-ei      
Chan Ka Yui v. Kikuchi Yasuro (World Amateur Ch'ship 1986)  GEv19866812-
Chan Ka Yui v. Song Xue Lin (World Amateur Ch'ship 1986)  GEv19866810-
Chan Ka Yui v. Stacey, Terry (World Amateur Ch'ship 1986)  GEv1986688-
Ch'ananda, Shri: see author index      
Chandler - CumperGranville, Richard**Gam19877129
Chandler, Brian: see also author index      
Chandler, Brian v. Cumper, Mark  GEv19877129
Chandler, Brian v. Fawthrop, Steve (Northern Go Congress 1976)  GEv19773714-
Chandler, Brian v. Granville, Richard (London Open 1984/85)  GEv19856415
Chandler, Brian v. Roads, Francis (Candidates Tournament 1985)  GEv1985659-
Chandler, Raymond: see author index      
Checking Extension  Fus1969810-
Cheltenham Club v. Bristol Club (Club Match 1971)  T711971143
Cheltenham Club v. Bristol Club (Club Match 1971)  T711972165
Cheltenham Club v. Bristol Club (Club Match 1972)  T721972173
Cheltenham Club v. Leicester Club (Club Match 1975)  T7519763120
Cheltenham Club v. Wycliffe Club (Club Match 1972)  T721973192
Chen  PPr19949715
Chen Zhixing: see author index      
Chen, Ken: see author index      
Chen, Raymond: see author index      
Cheng, Jonathan v. Lakeman, D. (British Schools Team Ch'ship '92)  GEv19928933-
Cheong Chui Onn v. Bates, Jim (World Amateur Ch'ship 1985)  GEv19856620-
Cheshire Tournament 1984  T841984628
Cheshire Tournament 1984  T8419846221-
Cheshire Tournament 1985Timmins, Brian*T8519856418
Chess  OGm19918430
Chess  OGm19918529-
Chess  OGm19928644
Chess & Go Club, Cambridge Junior -  Clb199710622
Chess and GoSmith, Paul*Tch199710622
Chess, Programming -  Com19866827
Chess, Programming -  Com19939024
Chester (British Go Congress 1998)  T98199811139-
Chetwynd, Jonathan: see also author index      
Chetwynd, Jonathan v. Honda  GH319949712
Chikchina, Svetlana  PIn199811238
Chikchina, Svetlana v. Taranu, Catalin (EGoC 1998)  GH1199811238-
Children: see also Junior, Kids, Youth      
Children, Cognitive, Reasoning and Learning Deficits in ... School -Bradley, Milton N.**Tch199811037-
Children, Teaching -  Tch1994976
Children, Teaching -  Tch199710622
Children, Teaching -  Tch199811037-
Children, Teaching -  Tch199811115-
Chin Ka-ei: see also Chan Ka Yui      
Chin Ka-ei v. Nakazawa Ayako (NHK Cup 1992)  GEv19928926-
Chin Ka-ei v. Obuchi Morito (NHK Cup 1990)  GEv19908033-
Chin, Jonathan v. Harvey, Mike (British Go Congress 1997)  GEv199710843-
Chin, Jonathan v. Thornton, Alan (British Go Congress 1997)  GEv199710842-
China: see also Beijing      
China: see also Taiwan      
China  Cou1979446-
China  Cou1979466-
China  Cou1994966-
China Championship 1978, All -  T7819794621
China, British Go Players Visit - **Cou1979466-
China, Go in -Dowsey, Stuart*Cou1979446-
China, Go in -Margetts, Paul*Cou1994966-
Chinese  Lan19908023-
Chinese Accomplishments  Phi19815321
Chinese Go History  Cou19907918-
Chinese Go Team's Fleeting Visit to England, The -Feng Yun**PPr19959950
Chinese Go Terms, Some - for Different Types of MoveTang Tong B.*Lan1975304-
Chinese Individual Tournament (1993)Feng Yun*T931994944-
Chinese Language: see Lan in subject index      
Chinese Language: see Chinese      
Chinese Opening, The -Kato Masao Lit19907821
Chinese Opening, The -Kato Masao Lit19908134
Chinese Promotion Tournament 1994  T941994964-
Chinese Visit to DevonWiddicombe, Tom**PPr19959911
Chinese-Anglo Match (1992)Lee, Harold**T9219928649
Chinese-English Translation Guide  Lan1975304-
Chitetsu v. Dosaku (1674)  GH219939017
Chitoku Senchi  PHs1994968-
Chitoku Senchi v. Genjo (1805)  GH11994968-
Cho Chikun: see also author index      
Cho Chikun v. Kataoka Satoshi (Honinbo Title 1994, Game 6)  GEv19949614
Cho Chikun v. Kato Masao  GEv19846213
Cho Chikun v. Kato Masao (Meijin Title 1981, Game 1)  GEv199610216-
Cho Chikun v. O Rissei (Honinbo Title 1998, Game 5)  GEv199811244-
Cho Chikun v. Rin Kaiho (Kisei Title 1984, Game 1)  GEv19846212-
Cho Chikun v. Seo Bong-soo (Ing Cup 1992/93)  GEv19939128-
Cho Chikun v. Takemiya Masaki (Meijin League 1988)  GEv199610514
Cho Hun-hyun: see also author index      
Cho Hun-hyun v. Choi Kyu Byung (Wangwi Title 1995)  GEv199510050-
Cho Hun-hyun v. Lee Chang-ho  GEv19908022
Cho Hun-hyun v. Nie Wei-ping (Ing Cup Final 1988/89)  GEv19907923
Cho Hun-hyun v. Nie Wei-ping (SBS Cup 1994)  GEv19959836-
Cho Hun-hyun v. Otake Hideo (Fujitsu Cup 1990)  GEv1990798
Cho Hun-hyun v. Yoo Chang-hyeok (Fujitsu Cup 1994)  GEv19949728-
Choi Chee Hyong  PPr19784210
Choi Kyu Byung v. Cho Hun-hyun (Wangwi Title 1995)  GEv199510050-
Christchurch  Cit199811131-
Christie, Paul v. Hall, T. Mark (Candidates Tournament 1995)  GEv19959928-
Chun Poong-Jho: see author index      
Chung KuoWingrove, David Lit199510145
Cities: see Cit in subject index      
Claasen, Tonny: see also author index      
Claasen, Tonny v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1988)  GEv19887228
Clam Stones  Equ19815220-
Clare v. Manning, Game: -Manning, Toby*Gam1974243-
Clare, Jim: see also author index      
Clare, Jim v. Hall, T. Mark (British Go Congress 1988)  GEv19897628-
Clare, Jim v. Hazelden, Tim (British Go Congress 1985)  GEv1985656-
Clare, Jim v. Manning, Toby (Reading v. Cambridge 1973)  GEv1974243-
Clare, Jim v. Moss, Ron (Reading Honinbo 1976)  GEv19763315-
Clare, Jim v. Ward, David (London Open 1993/94)  GEv19949513-
ClarificationRudd, Simon*T9219928943
Clark, Simon: see author index      
Class Scale, European -  Rat196711
Class Scale, European -  Rat196982
Clemot v. Walker, David (Paris Tournament 1981)  GEv19815312-
ClerihewsRoads, Francis*Hum19949526
Cleveland Go ClubMoore, J. A.*Clb19763220
Cleveland/OH (US Go Congress 1996)  T96199610547
CLGC: see Central London Club      
Closely MatchedLaatikainen, Vesa*Hum199610413
Club: see also Clb in subject index      
Club Game, A -Holroyd, Fred*Gam19907914-
Club Match 1968 (Bristol v. Liverpool University)  T68196871
Club Match 1968 (Oxford Club v. Cambridge Club)  T68196871
Club Match 1968 (University of East Anglia v. Cambridge)  T68196852
Club Match 1969 (Newcastle v. Edinburgh)  T691969102
Club Match 1970 (Enfield v. Imperial College)  T701970123
Club Match 1970 (Imperial College v. Enfield)  T701970113
Club Match 1970 (Newcastle v. Edinburgh)  T701970123
Club Match 1970 (University of East Anglia v. Bristol)  T701970123
Club Match 1971 (Bristol v. Cheltenham)  T711971143
Club Match 1971 (Bristol v. Cheltenham)  T711972165
Club Match 1971 (Oxford v. Reading)  T711971143
Club Match 1971 (Woodford v. Reading)  T711971154
Club Match 1972 (Bristol v. Cheltenham)  T721972173
Club Match 1972 (Imperial College v. Woodford)  T721972165
Club Match 1972 (Leeds v. Sheffield)  T721973192
Club Match 1972 (Newcastle v. Edinburgh)  T721972182
Club Match 1972 (Sheffield University v. Leeds University)  T721973192
Club Match 1972 (Sheffield University v. Leicester)  T721973192
Club Match 1972 (Wycliffe v. Cheltenham)  T721973192
Club Match 1973 (Cambridge v. Oxford)  T7319742316
Club Match 1973 (Corby v. Leicester)  T7319732013
Club Match 1973 (Leicester v. Sheffield)  T7319732013
Club Match 1973 (Reading v. Cambridge)  T731974243-
Club Match 1974 (Cambridge v. Oxford)  T7419742416
Club Match 1974 (Leicester v. Corby)  T7419742316
Club Match 1974 (Paris v. London)  T7419742416
Club Match 1975 (Cheltenham v. Leicester)  T7519763120
Club Match 1976 (Reading v. Oxford)  T7619763320
Club Match 1981 (Oxford v. Cambridge)  T8119815317
Club Match 1982 (Oxford v. Cambridge)  T8219825614
Club Match 1983 (Oxford v. Cambridge)  T8319835917
Club Match 1984 (Edinburgh v. Aberdeen)  T841984629
Club Match 1984 (Edinburgh v. Glasgow)  T841984629
Club Match 1985 (Bradford v. Sheffield)  T851985663
Club Match 1987 (Coventry/Warwick v. Malvern)  T8719877127-
Club Match 1988 (Coventry v. Milton Keynes Open University)  T8819897433
Club Match 1990 (Isle of Man v. Dublin)  T9019908031
Club Match 1993 (Leamington Spa v. Wanstead)  T9319949421
Club Match 1994 (Leamington Spa v. Oxford)  T9419949640
Club Match 1994 (Leamington Spa v. Reading)  T9419949640
Club Match 1994 (Milton Keynes Open Univ. v. Wanstead)  T9419949725
Club Match 1994 (Stevenage v. Wanstead)  T9419949519
Club Match 1997, Internet - (Cambridge v. Winnipeg)  T9719971076
Club ProfileKirkham, Chris*Clb19949529
Club Profile: SwindonBarnard, Paul et al**Clb19959944-
Club, Starting a Go -Roads, Francis*Clb1973197-
Club, Your - *BGA19897627
Clubs, New -Timmins, Brian*Clb19918327
Cluster Technique  Tch19815219
Coarse Go, The Art of - **Hum19825719
Coarse Tournament Go, The Art of - **Hum19835913
Cobb, William S.: see author index      
Cocke v. Janssen, Zlin: -Cocke, Matthew**Gam199710651-
Cocke, Matthew: see also author index      
Cocke, Matthew v. Hall, T. Mark (Northern Go Congress 1996)  GEv199610540-
Cocke, Matthew v. Janssen, Frank (European Team Tourn. 1996)  GEv199710651-
Cocke, Matthew v. Rutland, Leigh (British Youth Ch'ship 1987)  GEv19877121-
Collins, Peter v. Mellor, Paul  GEv1991845-
Collinson, Mark: see also author index      
Collinson, Mark v. Healey, Kirsty (Leicester Tournament 1995)  GEv199610312-
Collinson, Mark v. Holton, Matthew (Leicester Tournament 1995)  GEv199610310-
Collinson, Mark v. Quinn, Garry (Leicester Tournament 1995)  GEv199610311-
Colmez, Pierre v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1984)  GEv19846310-
Comb Formation  L+D19794418
Comb Formation  L+D199610213
Commandment: see also Proverb      
Commandments of Handicap Go  Hcp19918336-
Commandments of Handicap Go  Hcp19918434-
Commentaries, Game -: see also Gam in subject index      
Commentaries, Game -  Inf19784318
Committee News *BGA1974253
Committee News *BGA1975263-
Committee News *BGA1975302
Committee NewsRoads, Francis*BGA1974242
Committee Notes *BGA1975293
Committee NotesRoads, Francis*BGA1976316
Communications, BGA -  BGA1977353
Communications, BGA -  BGA19784310
Communications, BGA -  BGA19804723
Compact Groups of Stones  Tec199510126
Companies: see Cpy in subject index      
Competition: see also Spot the Move      
CompetitionGranville, Richard*Fus19846325-
CompetitionGranville, Richard*Fus1985648
CompetitionGranville, Richard*Fus1985665
Competition SolutionsGranville, Richard*Fus19856424-
Competition, BGA - * 19918327
Competition, BGJ -. Part 7Granville, Richard*Fus19877010-
Competitive Aspect  Psy199510138
Competitor 15 v. Microgo 2 (International Computer Ch'ship 1986)  GEv1987699-
Computer: see also Com, CPl, CNp, CNw in subject index      
Computer Championship 1986, International -  T861987699-
Computer Championship 1987, European -  T8719877028
Computer Championship 1987, European -  T8719877119-
Computer Championship 1987, International -  T8719877130
Computer Championship 1988, European -  T8819887224
Computer Championship 1992, European -  T9219939051-
Computer Championship 1992, International -  T9219939022-
Computer Championship 1993, North American -  T9319939338
Computer Championship 1995, International -  T95199610245
Computer Championship, World Open - (FOST Cup 1995)  T95199510155
Computer Championship, World Open - (FOST Cup 1996)  T96199610547
Computer Go *Com19846123-
Computer GoDaly, Andrew*Com19856422-
Computer GoErbach, Dave Lit19876916
Computer Go Congress: see also Computer Championship, International -      
Computer Go Congress (1992)Gardner, Sue*Com19939022-
Computer Go Library, BGA -Wedd, Nick**Com19961028
Computer Go Library, BGA -Wedd, Nick**Com199610318-
Computer Go ReportStreeten, William*Com19877119-
Computer Go: Taiwan (1987)Fotland, Dave*T8719877130
Computer ReportWedd, Nick*Com19939214-
Computer ReportWedd, Nick*Com19959845
Computer Software, More About -Wedd, Nick*Com19949440-
Computer Tournament 1984, Acornsoft -  T8419835916
Computer Tournament 1984, Acornsoft -  T8419846123-
Computer v. British Champion  Com19825714
Computer, So the - Plays Go?Sharpe, Ian*Com1989766-
Computers and Go: A Workshop **Com1991844
Computers, US Go -Gardner, Sue**Com19939338
Confining Tesuji  Tec19835823-
Congress: see also British Go C., European Go C., Isle of Man Go C., Northern Go C., US Go C.      
Congress Competition *L+D1987706
CongressesPrescott, Paul*Tou19763314
Connecting on the Board EdgeTilley, John**Yos1972177-
Connecting Stones & Ingenious PuzzlesMacfadyen, Matthew**Lit19971088
Connecting Stones, The Art of -Wu Piao et al Lit19971088
Connection: see also Kake-tsugi      
Connection  Tec196717
Connection  Tec199610518
Connection  Tec199710717-
Connection  Tec199710811
Connection  Tec199710813
Connection  Tec199710816-
Connection  Tec199710937
Connection  Tec199811045-
Connection, Open -  Tec199811133-
Connection, Open -  Tec199811261
Connolley, W.: see also author index      
Connolley, W. v. Barker, Terry (Oxford Tournament 1989)  GEv19897520-
Constanta  Cit199811235-
Constitution of the British Go Association **BGA1995988-
Constitution, New BGA -  BGA1972176
Constitution, New BGA -  BGA19856416
Contact Information *BGA199710833
Contact Move  Str199811019
Contact Move  Tec199510124-
Contact or Con-trickChetwynd, Jonathan*Jos199610241
ContenderLogan, Jim CPl19928611
ContenderLogan, Jim CPl19928613-
Converts, How to Win -Roads, Francis*Pub1969104-
Copenhagen (EGoC 1982)  T8219835927
Copenhagen (EGoC 1982)  T8219928818
Copenhagen (EGoC 1982)Macfadyen, Matthew*T821982573-
Copenhagen Tournament 1991  T9119918340
Copenhagen Tournament 1992  T9219928746
Copenhagen Tournament 1993  T9319939149
Copenhagen Tournament 1993  T9319949449
Copenhagen Tournament 1994  T9419959843
Copenhagen Tournament 1995  T95199510155
Corby Club  Clb19742416
Corby Club v. Leicester Club (Club Match 1973)  T7319732013
Corby Club v. Leicester Club (Club Match 1974)  T7419742316
Corner Enclosure: see Shimari      
Corner Opening: see Jos in subject index      
Corner Opening: see Joseki      
Corner, Balance Between - and Side  Str19825522-
Corner, Third Line -  L+D199710915-
Corners, Four -  Str199610418-
Corners. Part 1Barker, Terry*L+D19918311-
Corners. Part 2Barker, Terry*L+D19918420-
Cornerstone, The -Roads, Francis*Hum19825526
Cornwall Club, West -  Clb199510119-
Cornwall Go Promotion 1995, West -  Pub199510119-
Correspondence Go: see also Postal Go      
Correspondence Go  Var1978409
Correspondence Go  Var19804810
Correspondence Go  Var19805018
Correspondence Go  Var19876916-
Correspondence Go  Var1987708
Correspondence Go  Var199710716
Correspondence GoJansen, D.*Var19918315
Cosmic Style, An Early Launch for the -Barker, Terry*Gam19907921-
Cosmos: see also Igo, Many Faces of Go      
CosmosFotland, Dave CPl1992868
CosmosWedd, Nick*Com19908111-
Cosmos v. Wedd, Nick  G 919908112-
Cottbus/GDR Club  Clb19897411
Counting  Anl196879-
Counting  Anl19815222
Counting for BeginnersFairbairn, John**Anl19731911
Counting, Ing -  Rul19939144-
Countries: see Cou in subject index      
Country of Origin   199811220
Couple of Slips, A -Hall, T. Mark*Gam199610544-
Court, Richard v. Martin-Ross, Clive  GH4199610220-
Coventry (British Go Congress 1983)  T8319835914
Coventry (Tournament) 1989Lynn, Mike*T8919897523-
Coventry Club v. Milton Keynes Open University (Club Match '88)  T8819897433
Coventry Tournament 1988  T8819887330-
Coventry Tournament 1989  T8919897526-
Coventry Tournament 1990  T9019907936
Coventry Tournament 1991  T9119918341
Coventry Tournament 1992  T9219928745
Coventry Tournament 1993  T9319939147
Coventry Tournament 1995  T9519959955
Coventry Tournament 1996  T96199610341-
Coventry Tournament 1997  T97199710743
Coventry/Warwick Club v. Malvern Club (Club Match 1987)  T8719877127-
Cover Competition ResultTimmins, Brian*Pub199510037
Crewe (British Go Congress 1986)  T8619866716
Crewe (British Go Congress 1986)  T8619866816
Croatia: see Mali Losinj, Zagreb      
Cronulla  Cit199710736-
Cropredy Tournament 1997  T97199710813
Cross, Alison: see also author index      
Cross, Alison v. Diederen, M. (Amsterdam Tournament 1979)  GEv19794610-
Cross, Alison v. Jones, Alison (British Women's Ch'ship 1990)  GEv19908133-
Cross, Alison v. Jones, Alison (British Women's Ch'ship 1991)  GEv1991857-
Cross, Alison v. Jones, Alison (British Women's Ch'ship 1996)  GEv199610448-
Cross-cut  Tec199610416-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 1Hunter, Richard*Tec19939216-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 2Hunter, Richard*Tec19939324-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 3Hunter, Richard*Tec19949428-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 4Hunter, Richard*Tec19949524-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 5Hunter, Richard*Tec19949743-
Cross-cut Workshop.Part 6Hunter, Richard*Tec199811214-
Cross/Culver v. Barty/Paterson (British Pair Go Tournament 1991)  GRg19918516-
Crossword Puzzle *Hum19732014
Crossword. Part 1Williams, Derek*Hum19897427
Crossword. Part 1 SolutionWilliams, Derek*Hum19897526
Crossword. Part 2Williams, Derek*Hum19897524
Crossword. Part 3Williams, Derek*Hum19897624
Crossword. Part 4Williams, Derek*Hum19897740
Crossword. Part 5Williams, Derek*Hum19907822
Crossword. Part 6Williams, Derek*Hum19907934
Crossword. Part 7Williams, Derek*Hum19908026
Crossword. Part 8Williams, Derek*Hum19908127
Crossword. Part 9Williams, Derek*Hum19918232
Crossword. Part 10Williams, Derek*Hum19918334
Crossword. Part 11Williams, Derek*Hum19918417
Crossword. Part 12Williams, Derek*Hum19918535
Crossword. Part 13Williams, Derek*Hum19928647
Crossword. Part 14Williams, Derek*Hum19928720
Crossword. Part 15Williams, Derek*Hum19928826
Crossword. Part 16Williams, Derek*Hum19928917
Crossword. Part 17Williams, Derek*Hum19939035
Crossword. Part 18Williams, Derek*Hum19939141
Crossword. Part 19, Prize -Williams, Derek*Hum19939221
Crossword. Part 20Williams, Derek*Hum19939328
Crossword. Part 20 SolutionsWilliams, Derek*Hum19949450
Crow, John v. Barnard, Paul (Wessex Tournament 1995)  GEv199710918-
Culinary Note *Hum19928945
Culver/Cross v. Barty/Paterson (British Pair Go Tournament 1991)  GRg19918516-
Cumper - ChandlerGranville, Richard**Gam19877129
Cumper, Mark v. Chandler, Brian  GEv19877129
Cut: see also Cross-cut      
Cut on the Second Line  Tec199710812
Cutting  Tec199811133-
Cutting Point  Tec199610416-
Cutting Stone  Tec19825725-
Czech Republic: see Plzen, Prague, Zlin      
Czechoslovakia: see Mnisek pod Brdy, Prague      

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