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Paatero/Iwata/Potter v. Macfadyen/Given/Buit  GRg19856628-
Page from the Archives, A -&:Fink, Ervin*Cou19825519-
Pair Go: see also Rengo, Team Go      
Pair GoMacfadyen, Matthew*T97199710827
Pair Go Challenge *T9519959953
Pair Go Championship 1991, International Amateur -  T9119928624-
Pair Go Championship 1991, International Amateur -  T9119928653-
Pair Go Championship 1992, International Amateur -  T9219939046-
Pair Go Championship 1992, International Amateur -  T9219939057-
Pair Go Championship 1993, International Amateur -  T9319949435-
Pair Go Championship 1995, International Amateur -  T95199610229
Pair Go Championship 1997, European -  T97199710827
Pair Go Championship 1997, European -  T97199710853
Pair Go Championship 1997, International Amateur -  T97199811141
Pair Go Final 1994Cann, Desmond*Gam19959939
Pair Go InternationalTimmins, Brian*T9319949435-
Pair Go Meets Blind DatePaterson, Sue*T9119928624-
Pair Go Tournament (1992)Macfadyen, Matthew*Gam19928936-
Pair Go Tournament 1991, British -  T9119918515-
Pair Go Tournament 1991, British -  T9119918537
Pair Go Tournament 1992, British -  T9219928936-
Pair Go Tournament 1993, British -  T9319939357
Pair Go Tournament 1994, British -  T9419949747-
Pair Go Tournament 1994, British -  T9419959939
Pair Go Tournament 1995, British -  T9519959953
Pair Go Tournament 1995, British -  T95199510154-
Pair Go Tournament 1995, British -  T95199510157
Pair Go Tournament 1996, British -  T96199610453-
Pair Go Tournament 1997, British -  T97199710744
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Rul19825721-
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Rul19835810-
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Rul19835920
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Rul19836012-
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Rul19846223
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Str19846120-
Paradoxes, Go -Grant, Andrew*Yos19846320
Paris (1985), Springtime in -Meiklejohn, Ian*T8519856521-
Paris (EGoC 1978)  T7819784114
Paris (EGoC 1978)  T7819784210
Paris (EGoC 1978)  T781978436-
Paris (EGoC 1978)  T7819784312
Paris (EGoC 1978)  T78199811213
Paris (Tournament 1981)Barty, Jim*T8119815312-
Paris (Tournament 1982)Meiklejohn, Ian et al*T8219825618-
Paris (Tournament 1983)Meiklejohn, Ian*T8319835921-
Paris (Tournament 1984)Meiklejohn, Ian*T8419846216
Paris Club v. London Club (Club Match 1974)  T7419742416
Paris sans Go?Timmins, Brian*Cit199610451
Paris Tournament (1979)Barty, Jim*T7919794511-
Paris Tournament 1975  T7519752813
Paris Tournament 1983  T8319835915
Paris Tournament 1985  T8519856521-
Paris Tournament 1989  T8919897530
Paris Tournament 1990  T9019907937
Paris Tournament 1991  T9119918340
Paris Tournament 1992  T9219928746
Paris Tournament 1993  T9319939149
Paris Tournament 1994  T9419949641
Paris Tournament 1995  T9519959957
Paris Tournament 1996  T96199610345
Paris Tournament 1997  T97199710745
Paris Tournament 1998  T98199811141
Parmenter, Graeme: see also author index      
Parmenter, Graeme v. Jones, Kyle (Go Kichi Title 1990, Game 4)  GEv199710610-
Party GoAtkins, Tony*T8719877118
PassClare, Jim*L+D19949720
Passow, Adrian v. Mizessyn, Francois (EGoC 1995)  GEv199510030-
Past Masters. Part 1&:Finch, Andy*Hum19897626
Past Masters. Part 2 *Hum19907815
Past Masters. Part 3&:Hampton, Jo*Hum19907913
Past Masters. Part 4&:Pitcher, Hugh*Hum19908023
Past Masters. Part 5&:Finch, Andy*Hum19908110
Past Masters. Part 6&:Finch, Andy*Hum19918229
Pastures GreenBarty, Jim et al*Gam1982556-
Paterson, Sue: see also author index      
Paterson, Sue v. Healey, Kirsty (British Women's Ch'ship 1991)  GEv1991855-
Paterson, Sue v. Kojima (Amsterdam Tournament 1983)  GEv19835910-
Paterson/Barty v. Culver/Cross (British Pair Go Tournament 1991)  GRg19918516-
Pattern Matching  Com19866827-
Payne, Jenny: see also author index      
Payne, Jenny v. Hall, Eric  GEv19949422-
Pearcey, Richard v. Sharpe, Ian  GEv19907930-
Peat, Mike v. Heine, Dieter (EGoC 1983)  GEv1983609-
Pecorini, Daniele: see author index      
Peek: see also Seki      
PeekFinch, Andy*L+D19939029
Peek Solution&:Finch, Andy*L+D19939125
Peep  Tec199610416-
Peirson, Steve -'s Program: see also Go      
Peirson, Steve -'s Program  CPl1992869
Perils of Capture Go, The -Hall, T. Mark**Tch199610223
Perils of PromotionHall, T. Mark**Psy19961039
Perks, Stephanie: see author index      
Perth  Cit199710629-
Petrosavodsk Tournament 1997  T97199710853
Phillips, David: see author index      
Phillips, Leo: see author index      
Philosophy: see also Phi in subject index      
Philosophy, Go and Buddhist -Cobb, William S.**Phi19959822
Philp v. Hollings, Game - **Gam19753012-
Philp, Brian: see also author index      
Philp, Brian  PAm1980486
Philp, Brian v. A.N.Other (ca. 1975)  GH419815216-
Philp, Brian v. Hollings, Mark (1973)  GH319753012-
Photo Puzzle SolutionsAtkins, Tony*L+D19949634
Photo PuzzlesAtkins, Tony*L+D19949434
Photograph, Front Cover - *Art199610338
Picking Daffodils on the Piccadilly LineMacfadyen, Matthew*Gam1983585-
Pindar, John: see also author index      
Pindar, Profile - John - *BGA19784310
Pintilie, Costel: see author index      
Pirani v. CastledineDiamond, Jon et al**Gam1978425-
Pirani, Adam: see also author index      
Pirani, Adam v. Behnke, V.  GEv19897619
Pirani, Adam v. Castledine, Brian (Challengers League 1978)  GEv1978425-
Pirani, Adam v. Heiser, Laurent  GEv19897618-
Pirani, Adam v. Yasaki Y.  GEv19897619
Pirani, Adam v. Zeijst van, Rob  GEv19897619
Pirani, Adam v. Zeijst van, Rob (Amsterdam Tournament 1980)  GEv19804910-
Pitcher, Hugh: see author index      
Play and Display *Com1992867-
Player: see Ply, PAm, PIn, PPr, PHs in subject index      
Players, Categories of Go -Hall, T. Mark*Ply199610520
Playing Program: see CPl in subject index      
Playing Program, Non-: see CNp in subject index      
Plzen Tournament 1993  T9319939149
Pocsai, Tibor v. Schlemper, Ronald (EGoC 1988)  GEv19897423-
Poems and Songs, Go -  Hum1987704
Poetry, Go - *Hum199510121
Poland: see Katowice, Tuchola, Warsaw      
Polkinghorne, Peter: see author index      
Ponnuki  Tec199610334-
PonnukiAnderson, Greg CNp19928612
Popov, A. v. Detkov, I. (Russian Southern Cup Tournament 1987)  GEv19887314-
Pork and DumplingsRoads, Francis*T8919897431-
Pork and Dumplings RevisitedRoads, Francis*T9319939228-
Porrentruy (EGoC 1984)  T8419846310-
Porrentruy (EGoC 1984)  T8419949611
Portugal, Go in -Roads, Francis*Cou19959921
Portuguese Championship 1995  T9519959921
Portuguese Go Association  Ass19959921
Postal Go: see also Correspondence Go      
Postal GoTerry, Bob*Gam19897627
PostersMatthews, Charles*Pub19981126
Potter/Iwata/Paatero v. Macfadyen/Given/Buit  GRg19856628-
Power: see also Influence, Thickness      
Power Builder  Lit19981126
Power of the Star-Point, The -Takagawa Kaku Lit19897433
Power of the Star-Point, The -Takagawa Kaku Lit19908134
Power, John: see author index      
Prague (EGoC 1993)  T9319939228-
Prague (EGoC 1993)  T9319939349
Prague (EGoC 1993)  T9319939355
Prague (EGoC 1993) by NightEllul, France*T9319939257
Prague (Tournament 1981)Macfadyen, Matthew*T811981525-
Prague Tournament (1979)Macfadyen, Matthew*T7919794512-
Prague Tournament (1980)Macfadyen, Matthew*T8019804821-
Prague Tournament 1982  T8219825510
Prague Tournament 1983  T8319835814
Prague Tournament 1984  T8419846116
Prague Tournament 1989  T8919897431-
Prague Tournament 1989  T8919897530
Prague Tournament 1990  T9019907936
Prague Tournament 1991  T9119918340
Prague Tournament 1992  T9219928746
Prague Tournament 1994  T9419949538
Prague Tournament 1995  T9519959956-
Prague Tournament 1996  T96199610345
Prague Tournament 1997  T97199710745
Pratt, Frank v. Liu Kwai Wing  GEv1979467-
Pre-Atari  Tec19815423-
Prescott, Paul: see also author index      
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1975, Game 3)  GEv1976324-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 1)  GEv1977354-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 2)  GEv1977356
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 3)  GEv1977356
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 1)  GEv1978394-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 2)  GEv1978395-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 3)  GEv1978396-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 4)  GEv1978398-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 5)  GEv19783910-
Prescott, Paul v. Diamond, Jon (British Championship 1974)  GEv1974254-
Prescott, Paul v. Goddard, Tony (Challengers League 1977)  GEv1977384-
Prescott, Paul v. Iwamoto Kaoru  GH41975283-
Prescott, Paul v. Merissert, Patrick (British Go Congress 1974)  GEv1975268-
Prescott, Paul v. Vries de, Henk (EGoC 1974)  GEv1975294-
President's New Year Message *BGA1975302
President's New Year MessageRoads, Francis*BGA1975263
President's Notes *BGA1978403-
President's NotesCastledine, Brian*BGA1978428
President's NotesCastledine, Brian*Prm1978413
President's NotesDaly, Andrew*BGA1977383
President's NotesHitchens, Bob*BGA1977353
President's Report - AGM 1987Tobin, Norman**BGA1987702
President, Bob Hitchens - A Short Profile of the BGA's New -Manning, Toby**PAm19763311
President, Message from - British Go Association *BGA1974223
Presidential LetterGranville, Richard*BGA19835918
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*BGA1979463
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*BGA1980494
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*BGA1981514
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*BGA19815413
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*PAm1979458-
Presidential LetterManning, Toby*Prm19815320
Presidential NotesManning, Toby*Pub19835819
Press Officer, How to be BGA -Roads, Francis**Pub199811246-
Press Officer, Why I Volunteered to Be -Roads, Francis*Pub19949621
Press Release  Pub199811246-
PricesMills, Gerry*Cpy199510020
Print, Go in -Walters, Wayne*Lit199510145
Pritchard, David B.: see author index      
Prize Problem SolutionsHall, T. Mark*L+D19939114-
Prize Problems, Solutions to -Hall, T. Mark*L+D19928922-
Prize Problems. Part 1Hall, T. Mark*L+D1992866
Prize Problems. Part 2Hall, T. Mark*L+D19928741
Prize Problems. Part 3Hall, T. Mark*L+D19939018
Prize Winners, Canterbury (EGoC 1992) -Atkins, Tony**T9219928937-
Prizegiving, Tournament -  TAw199710836
Prizes at Go TournamentsManning, Toby**TAw19971087
Pro: see also PPr in subject index      
Pro: see also Professional      
Pro Best Ten Title 1974  T7419897416-
Pro Best Ten Tournament 1969  T6919897725-
Pro Best Ten Tournament 1969  T6919907921-
Pro Best Ten Tournament 1974  T741990787-
Pro PlayTakagawa Kaku*Tch1971155
Pro, A - at WansteadRoads, Francis**Gam1993928-
Pro, Go Games Against -s: see GoGap      
Pro-Pro Handicap GoMacfadyen, Matthew**Lit19971077
Problem  Jos19763112-
Problem  L+D19732011
Problem  L+D1974223
Problem  L+D1974234-
Problem  L+D19763316
Problem  L+D1978421-
Problem  L+D1982559-
Problem  L+D19825514-
Problem  L+D19825520-
Problem  L+D1987702
Problem  L+D1987706
Problem  L+D19877017
Problem  L+D19918423
Problem  L+D19939043
Problem  Tec1973191
Problem  Tec1975305-
Problem  Tec1982557-
Problem  Tec19825520-
Problem  Tec199510010-
Problem  Yos199510010-
Problem *L+D1978438
Problem *L+D19784310
Problem *L+D19784314
Problem *L+D19794412-
Problem *L+D19794419
Problem *L+D19794516
Problem *L+D1979468-
Problem *L+D19794621
Problem *L+D1981524-
Problem *L+D1981535
Problem *L+D19815316
Problem *L+D19815313
Problem *L+D19825617-
Problem *L+D1982575
Problem *L+D19825713
Problem *L+D19835920
Problem *L+D19836011-
Problem *L+D19836015-
Problem *L+D19836021-
Problem *L+D19846117-
Problem *L+D19846121-
Problem *L+D19846122-
Problem *L+D19846315-
Problem *L+D19846317-
Problem *L+D19856421
Problem *L+D19856531
Problem *Tec196703
Problem *Tec1977351
Problem *Tec19846113-
Problem *Tec1984638-
Problem *Yos1977351
ProblemHunter, Richard*L+D1983599
ProblemManning, Toby*L+D19742414
Problem "100"Atkins, Tony*L+D199510031
Problem "100" SolutionAtkins, Tony*L+D199510157
Problem Answer  L+D19856631
Problem Corner * 1968455-
Problem Corner *Jos196994-
Problem of Precision, A -Matthews, Charles*Yos19825717-
Problem, A - from LondonRoads, Francis*L+D199710642-
Problem, Easy - *L+D1983586
Problem, Fairly Easy - *L+D1983584
Problem, Ladder -Hall, T. Mark**Tec19959927
Problem, Ludicrously Hard - *L+D19835816
Problem, Rather Hard - *L+D1983589
Problem, Silly Go -Goodey, Tom*Hum19784213-
Problem, Solution to - *L+D19794523
Problem, The Ridiculously Hard - *L+D1987717
Problem-Go fur FortgeschritteneMaeda Nobuaki Lit1975297-
Problem: Make Iwamoto Resign **Tec1981514-
Problems  L+D1975297-
Problems  L+D1987704
Problems  L+D19877021-
Problems  Mid199510011
Problems  Yos19949629
Problems * 1968511-
Problems *L+D196701
Problems *L+D19784021-
Problems *L+D1981523
Problems *L+D19815419-
Problems *L+D19825621-
Problems *L+D19825716
Problems *L+D19846220-
Problems *L+D19856414
Problems *L+D1986679
Problems - Answers  L+D19866819
Problems from Kido Yearbook **L+D19742313
Problems from Kido Yearbook, Solutions to - **Tec19742414
Problems, Answers to -  L+D19877032
Problems, Solution to -  L+D19835826-
Problems, Solution to - *L+D19835926-
Problems, Solutions to - *L+D19815223
Problems, Solutions to - *L+D19815327
Problems, Solutions to - *L+D19825726
Problems, Solutions to - *L+D19856431
Problems. Answers to - *L+D19784319
Problems. Part 3 * 196863-
Problems. Part 4 * 196872-
Prodigal's ReturnMacfadyen, Matthew*Gam19897618-
Professional: see also PPr in subject index      
Professional: see also Pro      
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 1Hunter, Richard**T9019918214-
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 2Hunter, Richard**T9019918320-
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 3Hunter, Richard**T9119918431-
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 4Hunter, Richard**T9119918521-
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 5Hunter, Richard**T9119928626-
Professional 9x9 Go. Part 6Hunter, Richard**T9119928711-
Professional AdviceHall, T. Mark*Gam19897625-
Professional CommentaryNagahara Yoshiaki*Gam19815424-
Professional Game *Gam1971136-
Professional GameAoki Shimpei*Gam19742210-
Professional GameMitchell, David*Gam1977363-
Professional Game AnalysisFeng Yun*Gam1994964-
Professional Game No. 2Aoki Shimpei et al*Gam1967338-
Professional Game No. 3 *Gam196867
Professional Game, A -Diamond, Jon*Gam1970116-
Professional Games, Ten Commented -  CNp199610318
Professional Games, Three -Feng Yun*Gam1995994-
Professional Players  Ply1971145
Professional Players, Visits to London by -Roads, Francis*PPr1972183
Professional ProfileAtkins, Tony*PPr19939321
Professional Student: see PIn in subject index      
Professional Student: see Insei      
Professional Title WinnersFairbairn, John**PPr19763418
Professional v. ProfessionalFeng Yun*Gam19928832-
Professional VisitTilley, John et al*Gam1975265-
Professional Visit to London August 1987Roads, Francis*PPr1987719-
Professional Visits at the London Go Centre  PPr19752919
ProgoRehm, Robert CPl19949414
Progo v. Go 4.3 (European Computer Championship 1992)  GEv19939052-
Progo v. ModGo (European Computer Championship 1992)  GEv19939053-
Program, Non-Playing -: see CNp in subject index      
Program, Playing -: see CPl in subject index      
Programming: see also Com, CPl, CNp in subject index      
Programming Chess  Com19866827
Programming Chess  Com19939024
Programming Go  Com19825714
Programming Go  Com19835816-
Programs for the IBM PC and CompatiblesWedd, Nick**Com1992867-
Programs for the MacintoshWebber, Nick**Com19928610-
Programs, Three Go-Playing -Wedd, Nick*CPl19949413-
Programs, Two More Go-Playing -Wedd, Nick*CPl1994955-
Promoting: see Prm in subject index      
Promotion Hints  Rat1972183
Promotion Points, British System of -  Rat19763111-
Promotion Points, British System of -  Rat19804916
Promotion Points, British System of -  Rat19877125
Promotion Points, British System of -  Rat199610235
Promotion Points, The British System of -Daly, Andrew**Rat19877016-
Promotion Tournament: see also Oteai      
Promotion Tournament 1994, Chinese -  T941994964-
Promotion, Nine-Dan -  Rat19971074
Promotion, Perils of -Hall, T. Mark**Psy19961039
Promotions  Rat196992
Promotions  Rat1970121
Promotions  Rat1971143
Promotions  Rat1972181
Promotions  Rat1973192
Promotions  Rat19752615
Promotions  Rat19763113
Promotions  Rat1977358
Promotions  Rat1978409
Promotions  Rat1978429
Promotions  Rat19784316
Promotions  Rat19794413
Promotions  Rat19794523
Promotions  Rat1979469
Promotions  Rat1980489
Promotions  Rat19805018
Promotions  Rat19815119
Promotions  Rat19815319
Promotions  Rat19825511
Promotions  Rat19825615
Promotions  Rat19825714
Promotions  Rat19835814
Promotions  Rat19835914
Promotions  Rat19836014
Promotions  Rat19846114
Promotions  Rat19846316
Promotions  Rat19856517
Promotions  Rat19866817
Promotions  Rat19876917
Promotions  Rat19897438
Promotions  Rat19897629
Promotions  Rat19897742
Promotions  Rat19907829
Promotions  Rat19907935
Promotions  Rat19918239
Promotions  Rat19928652-
Promotions  Rat19928921
Promotions  Rat19928946
Promotions  Rat19939058
Promotions  Rat19939260
Promotions  Rat19949445
Promotions  Rat19949448
Promotions  Rat19949640
Promotions  Rat19949748
Promotions  Rat1995993
Promotions  Rat199710659
Promotions  Rat199710745
Promotions  Rat199710816
Promotions *Rat19784115
Promotions *Rat19949434
Promotions *Rat19961023
Promotions *Rat19961043
Proverb: see also Commandment      
Proverb Revised, A -Roads, Francis*Tec1985649-
Proverb, A New -?Osman, Eric*Str19877134
Proverbs for Kyu PlayersWedd, Nick**Tec19959925
Proverbs Illustrated, Go -Segoe Kensaku Lit1970115
Proverbs that Save LivesMitchell, David*L+D19794418-
Proverbs that Save LivesMitchell, David*L+D19794518
Proverbs, Go -. Part 1Roads, Francis*Tec199510124-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 2Roads, Francis*L+D199610210-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 3Roads, Francis*Str199610333-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 4Roads, Francis*Tec199610416-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 5Roads, Francis*Tec199610516-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 6Roads, Francis*Tec199710612-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 7Roads, Francis*Tec19971078-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 8Roads, Francis*Tec199710810-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 9Roads, Francis*L+D199710915-
Proverbs, Go -. Part 10Roads, Francis*Tec199811016-
Proverbs, New -Williams, Colin*Hum19928625
Proverbs, New Go -Fairbairn, John*Tec19763314
Proverbs, Weak Player's -Roads, Francis**Hum19773518
Przybyla's Program v. Granville's Pr. (Acornsoft Comp.Tourn. 1984)  G1319846123-
Psychology: see also Psy in subject index      
Psychology, Go -Roads, Francis*Psy19928937
Pub Lunch, A -Tilley, John*Hum1972185
Public Domain Software  Com1989743
Public Domain Software  Com19897714
Public Domain Software  Com19939214
Publicity: see also Pub in subject index      
Publicity *Pub1988733
Publicity *Pub1989743
PublicityAtkins, Tony*Pub19959829
PublicityMatthews, Charles*Pub199811024
Publicity Officer, BGA -  Pub19784316
Publicity PaysTimmins, Brian*Pub19949717
Publicity, Web -Matthews, Charles**Pub19981117
Pusey, John: see author index      
Puxty, John: see author index      

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